Interview Tips - How To Impress An Interviewer

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in this video I'm going to cover a simple technique that will make you the

most impressive candidate a hiring manager has met warning this tip is not

for lazy job hunters

hi I'm Ian Jenkins from job hunting secrets dot-com let's talk about what

you're going to do to get ready for your interview and how you're going to stand

out from the other candidates now you're probably planning on dressing well

polishing your resume and then practicing your answers to typical

interview questions but what's wrong with this picture

what do you think your competitors for the same job are doing dressing well

polishing their resume and practicing their interview answers right so then

what's your biggest differentiator in other words how are you going to stand

out from the other candidates that one of the biggest opportunities to win over

the interviewer is not by focusing on your what

which is your resume your interview answers but instead focus on your how

how do you come across in an interview with about two-thirds of your

communication being body language there's a huge opportunity to make some

small tweaks that can yield some really impressive results in terms of winning

the job offer

so let me take you back to the first time that experience is winning approach

in action

oddly enough it was not in an interview situation he was in a sales pitch where

a sales trainer was trying to sell me on membership to his sales training program

now at the time I was entertaining many different offers from several training

companies and the thing is that they all offered nearly the exact same what

well-dressed sales take two trainers give me covering the usual topics like

objection handling cold-calling and proposal writing they all had these

really nice glossy brochures and some very fancy powerpoints their product

there what was largely similar but then came Steve, Steve was dressed like all

the other salesmen

but he didn't have a computer he didn't even have a brochure with them now in

the first couple of minutes i was thinking you had me at hello

now in his hand was a stack of about eight business cards and they're all

wrapped in a rubber band and after a little introduction I remember he laid

out the cards in front of me

each card had a sales training topic like objection handling cold-calling and

time management and there were eight topics laid out there in front of me and

that's where the magic happens that's when he asked me which of these three

topics of all eight sitting in front of me was the most important to me and my

sales team i quickly picked out the three that were most important and then

he swept the others to the side and that's when he asked me why I chose

those three and what would success look like if he could help me improve these

three areas in my sales team now what end up happening is we had a business

conversation and not a sales pitch

so you're thinking how does this relate to your upcoming interview how many

times have you ever felt that the interviewer defense you into the typical

standard interview questions but what if you turn the interview into a business

conversation around how you would help the team the Department the organization

reach its goals how well in the interview you could shift the

conversation by showing them six different ideas on how you can help the

company and then ask the hiring manager to pick which one or two or three are

the most important to them and then start a conversation around how you can

help them achieve that goal

do you see how this is different than the typical interview you see this

approach moves you from interviewing from your heels to interviewing on your

toes and the reason why this works so well is that you're tuned into the same

radio station that you're hiring manager is tuned into is called wiifm, it stands

for what's in it for me it's what we're all thinking including you right now

now as you watch this video now from experience I can say it's surprisingly

rare to find a candidate who can bridge their experience with the goals of the

company within an interview

why go to create these idea cards requires a bit of initiative and

research something that most of your competitors just aren't prepared to do

so to stand out from other candidates and to really impress your manager

prepare a few ideas on how you help them reach their business goals why because

there's nothing better than being on the same radio station as your potential

boss while the other candidates are a completely different wavelengths now

hope you found this video helpful as you prepare for your interview

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