Top 10 Interview Tips To CRUSH Your Interview

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congratulations you've got an interview

the good news is that you already know

how to dress and what to wear because we

already talked about that if you missed

that video it's listed and linked in the

description it's an oldie but good

advice never goes out of style you've

done the work you've secured the

interview you are dressed to kill but

before you run off to go to that

interview we need to talk because it is

still possible to Jack things up if you

don't know what you're doing even if

you're super qualified so today

gentlemen we're going over ten tips to

crush an interview please note I am NOT

going to justify be on time with a tip

if you're that much of a to be

late you don't deserve the job in the

first place

tip number one is conduct research prior

to going to the interview now I'm not

talking about knowing what the company

does you probably did that prior to

actually applying I'm talking getting

granular get more into it dive into

Google dive into their website figure

out this company so that when you go in

you're ready to talk shop and if you

know who you're actually going to be

interviewing with in terms of like the

person's name do research on them which

is tip number two all right you're not

always going to know but a lot of times

they're going to tell you you're going

to be meeting with X he is or she is

whatever all right do research on them

LinkedIn is a beautiful thing and it's

an amazing resource to get pretty a lot

of info on a lot of people have the

information in the back of your head all

right and if you can use any of it in

the general flow of conversation do it

but don't go in there man like so your

husband Rick looks fantastic after the

nose job and Jack and Jamie are two boys

my god you will look like a super

stalker and this is counterproductive to

actually getting a job tip number three

is review the one hundred and fifty most

common interview questions there is a

list out there of questions that get

asked pretty much in every interview and

they've compiled this list it's listed

in length in the description if you want

to check it out go through it

think about your answer alright you

don't need to memorize the questions but

it's a good idea to have an idea

of what they're gonna ask and how you're

going to respond because if they shock

you with why are you looking for a new

job and you are dumbfounded like ah that

whole sexual harassment thing kind of

killed Nana who I feel the butterflies

they're coming because you're getting

close the day has arrived it's time to

go to the interview alright tip number

four is all about making friends when

you walk into the establishment I need

you to be super charming to everybody

the receptionist anybody who's walking

through that office even other people if

they're there actually for the same job

you are you're talking you're engaging

you're asking questions you're smiling

you're being friendly because you never

know who you're talking to and you never

know if the receptionist has the ear of

the person that's actually hiring you

right you're in the room and the

interview is under way you need to make

sure that you remember tip number five

which is keep your answers short but

concise not like one word of two words

but elaborate as much as you need to to

get your point across don't ramble

because rambling will lead you down

areas that you don't need to go keep it

concise keep it consistent tip number

six is all about utilizing body language

in order to make a great impression this

involves eye contact the way you sit

your posture the way you stand the way

you walk into a room gentlemen I have

done a ton of videos talking about all

of those things they're also listed in

length in the description tip number

seven is also about preparation I would

recommend bringing some type of nice

portfolio to keep your resume business

cards and a notebook and in this

notebook or on the sheet of paper you're

going to have already written out some

predetermined questions that you're

going to be prepared to ask the

interviewer which is actually tip number

eight have a list of questions that

you're going to ask in most interviews

the interviewer is going to ask you at

some point hey what questions you have

for me and if you're like none all right

it means that you really haven't thought

about things alright by having a list of

questions that you're prepared to ask

shows that you're detail-oriented and

you're interested in that job tip number

nine is all about selling yourself this

is your opportunity to shine this is not

an opportunity to be super modest but

you have to

delicate in the sense that you don't

want to look like you're bragging yeah

it was the best of that

oh yeah nobody can touch me but you can

be confident and deliver yourself in a

positive proactive way and not look like

an arrogant ass all right but it is not

the time to be like well I'm not that

great now Oh Jack take the Alpha M

approach to self marketing promote

promote promote at least that's what I


and Tim number 10 before you walk out of

that office you let them know that you

are the man for the job and that you're

interested in the job that you want the

job let them know that you're excited

and hope to be a part of what they have

going on or that specific organization

before you leave you get up you put your

hand out and you shake that hand like a

man even if you're shaking a woman I

don't be all like oh right you don't

need to kiss it you need to shake it if

you miss the video that I did talk about

this I got a ton of videos I'm

mentioning all right all the videos that

I mentioned and talked about are listed

and linked in the description all right

guys here's the good news you've got an

interview now you have the tools that

you need in order to crush it

congratulations good luck but you got