How to Gain Respect (from Your Boss or Manager)

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda Raynier of guiding you

to a career and life you'll truly enjoy. And in today's video I am going to guide

you through my 4 tips on how to gain respect from your boss or manager at

work so that they can appreciate your value and see your potential.

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ago I released a video called how to get your employees to respect you as a

manager and I got a great response from that episode but at the same time some

of you asked me Linda how do I get respect from my boss it seems as though

those with higher titles just ignore me because I'm not at their level not to

worry I can totally understand that if you're someone who's at a lower level in

your organization that you can feel that maybe the people above you don't really

respect you but I'm going to teach you four key tips on how to gain respect

from your bosses or higher-ups in your organization without feeling less than

or sacrificing who you are tip number one establish some credibility through

your work respect is gained through demonstrating your ability to do high

quality work now many people tell me that's not true I work hard every day

yet people don't notice me and that's because you're only doing the most basic

thing in order to gain respect delivering high quality work is the

first most basic step to gaining respect from other people but it's not the only

thing so if that's all and the only thing that you're doing it's not enough

to help you shine but it is an important first step so make sure that you deliver

consistent high quality work deliver items before their deadline if possible

and make sure that your work isn't full of careless errors or mistakes tip

number two don't bow down see yourself as an equal what I'm saying here is give

yourself approval before you seek others approval I've mentioned this before

about the concept of not being overly nice just be

because your job title or rank is lower than others in your work doesn't mean

that you have to compensate by being overly nice to them and acting like

you're less than them if you feel that way about yourself

that's how others are going to feel about you too you need to own your work

and own who you are and approach any colleague or co-worker whether above or

below you the same you're going to approach anyone I - I with a deep level

of inner self confidence and know and own the belief that you are important

tip number three be bold yet respectful be willing to express your thoughts and

emotions on processes or things in your company in your department that you feel

aren't working well and at the same time be willing to offer solutions on how you

can help to improve them for example if there were problems or issues in your

department that you notice keep coming up time and again and no one's doing

anything about them and you know that there's a way to fix that then instead

of bringing it up at a big meeting with all of your bosses I would say just

approach your boss on a one-to-one level and bring it up with him or her and from

there make your recommendation on what could be changed and offer to be the key

person to lead that change that improvement that's going to help to

establish credibility for you it's also going to make your boss see you in a way

where you're someone who's proactive who wants to improve things and also it

doesn't embarrass your current boss or anyone else in the organization if you

all of a sudden bring it up at a big meeting now the key after bringing it up

bringing up your recommendations and what changes you can make is to actually

do them you have to stick true to your word you have to execute you have to do

the action steps that are required in order to improve whatever it is that you

were noticing was not going well and from there record the results keeping

record of these achievements and the results that came about are going to be

very helpful for you in your next performance review and that's going to

also help to garner more respect from others in your company and finally tip

number for ask and remember unique details

about your boss don't be afraid to talk to your boss or your boss's boss as if

they're another human being because they are don't be afraid to ask them about

their weekend their kids perhaps or the weather it's good to talk to others in a

casual comfortable way because it shows that you're confident in yourself you

are not afraid to speak up you're not afraid to talk to someone and you don't

see them at necessarily a higher level than you you see them eye to eye this

goes back to one of my previous tips and remember the things that they tell you

keep them in mind create a mental note so if they love talking about their dog

the next time you see them ask them about their dog the reason for this is

when you follow up with specific questions about things that people have

told you whether these people are at higher or lower ranks than you it makes

them feel valued and if you want to feel valued

you need to make others feel valued as well it's a reciprocal kind of

relationship so being able to remember unique details about what your boss

tells you is a good thing because in essence eventually he or she will

remember things that you mentioned as well and to end this off I thought I'd

leave you with an inspiring quote which says respect yourself and others will

respect you by Confucius so there you have it those are my four tips on how to

gain respect from your boss or higher-ups at work now if you're someone

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