How to Impress Your Crush (OR ANY Girl ) in 3 Seconds

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you see what just happened there I did

nothing literally nothing but staying

here and not awkward which is what most

of you do within those few seconds

guarantee all of you were staring at

your phone making judgments of me other

dudes judging me another male now

imagine what girls do this is

scientifically proven what you did is

something that all of us innately do as

humans we make micro judgments of people

within seconds and women within about

three seconds decide whether they like

you or hate you

that's how fast and how short of a time

period you have to impress or no boys

this is not clickbait this is real like

girls will either hate you or love you

in a blink of an eye and today I'm going

to show you what to do within those

three seconds to knock it out the

ballpark number one you got to open the

conversation this is going to switch the

perception of you and your eyes tenfold

this woman's just gonna think you're a

freaking stallion you don't need some

intricate line or a pickup line the way

that you introduce yourself and your

suave is way more important than the

actual words that you say so don't

rehearse anything just go in there with

the hey and introducing yourself and

once you do that you are now in the

Alpha position and you're directing the

conversation she loves ooh acknowledge

the time limit right away you should

never linger around a woman when you

first approached her it makes it seem

like you're needy and have all the time

in the world and also disrespectful to

her time so when you approach her always

have some sort of sense of urgency got

someplace to be or meet up with somebody

this makes you seem more important plus

you already know you only got three

seconds to impress her so you ain't

lying so as soon as you start talking to

her right away make her know that you're

on a time crunch like I'm on a run and I

got a kitchen over but I just had to

stop and said hi boom in those split

seconds you told her you're a busy man

but you got the balls to go up and talk

to her you no longer has to linger

around so there's not gonna be any

awkward tension and she's gonna feel

special because you took the time out of

your busy schedule to say hi to her

three you got to smell good keep in mind

that women won't just make a judgement

about how you look or what you say or

how you carry yourself but women use all

five senses to decide whether they like

you or don't when you smell good this is

just an easy sense that you can knock

out the ballpark that doesn't take a lot

of effort imagine just stepping into a

conversation and already winning one of

the five battles you got to win which is

your olfactory sense this is why

personally I love office for men from my

boy Jeremy fragrant dude if you don't

follow me on instagram or follow him

you'll know he's moved to Miami so

obviously he's like an hour away from me

so I've been driving down there and meet

up with him quite often Lee and well he

showed me his fragrance in person

there's a whole video reaction on it but

I can tell you one thing when I first

smelled his fragrance I was blown away

but just how sexy it was it's a

fragrance that let me see how the best

so I'm gonna fragrance reviewer but I'm

gonna try to do my best to describe this

thing to you so it's sexy its masculine

but what I like about it is that it's

not strong in other words it's not like

overpowering to a point that a girl's

gonna get a migraine it's just enough to

lure her in and increase that sexual

tension that's the type of scent you

want on your body I actually asked a few

girls the same girls that I've asked for

grooming advice and stuff like that I

asked them what they thought about this

fragrance here are the responses I think

it smells really good actually

it's pretty masculine I like it

okay I like it it smells very clean like

it smells like he just got out of the

shower personally though I prefer

something with like a little more spice

maybe to it a little more oomph it's a

little tame for me okay I like it is

masculine it's not overbearing it's good

it smells good it's not so good it

smells nice and clean in words like a

nice spice scent I like it I'm telling

you boys I'm not lying this fragrance is

amazing and it makes sense

Jeremie fragrance he's pretty much the

king in the fragrance industry and he's

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number four use visual cue this is the

easiest way to impress anyone keep in

mind that you got three seconds there's

not enough time to even say hi but it is

enough time to send a visual message

you're an important individual somebody

of high status somebody that is value

someone that's worth her talking to this

is why it's important to dress well boys

when you put effort into your appearance

outside to make sure you look polished

you put effort in

clothes in your style it's gonna make it

seem like she's talking to a Ferrari and

not a Honda City don't get me wrong this

doesn't mean the prices doesn't mean you

have to wear designer brand it means

that you're putting a high end value on

yourself when you invest in clothing and

in the time to look good this is

something women noticed within those

three seconds and therefore will

actually stop and talk to you because

she's gonna think you're a high-value

male versus the dude the schmuck that

puts no value on himself from the five

respect boundary you never want to come

across as too aggressive so to be sure

you got to move with her and how the

occasion feel so in other words you got

to keep in mind that personal space and

the boundaries of her and if you don't

know what that is then you just want to

move as she move if she leans in then

you lean in and increase that sexual

tension if she steps back then you step

back and then show her that you respect

that personal space and you ain't some

needy bastard this is gonna impress

anyone because she's gonna know that you

know how to read women

that's hot six Brad without actually

bragging okay this is hard to do and it

only works once you're in mid

conversation and it's borderline an art

because if you do it right it'll look

like admiration like achievement like

motivation if you do it wrong you'll

look like a bragging douchebag that

ain't nobody gonna want to talk let me

give you a good example let's say let's

say you just bought a Mercedes you're

dreamers say don't just be like yeah you

see that car I just bought it it was

just a small 70 stacks but whatever you

know there's nothing because now you're

a bragging then she's gonna

think it's a prick and she ain't gonna

give the time of day but if you already

made conversation you guys are opening

up let's say you're opening up about

your childhood now you would raise and

you say you hit her with something like

I was so poor as a kid that I truly

thought that only a car like this was

impossible but I promised myself and my

mom if my hard work ever paid off I

would buy me one of these

that type of bragging removes the

douchiness away from it and it makes

more of an admiration but she is gonna

be impressed for - number seven you got

to neutralize that fight-or-flight

response this is something that's innate

in all of us when the adrenaline kicks

in and usually those first few

milliseconds of an interaction that's

when our adrenaline is jumping out the

sky oh this is why we get nervous these

nervous interactions are guided by our

negative reaction like flinch switching

or just end up walking away all of which

leave a bad impression on a girl you

need to try to fight those natural

fight-or-flight responses and neutralize

them so when you approach her nothing is

gonna turn her off and that's basically

it for this week's video guys those are

seven tricks that you can do to impress

girls in less than three seconds if you

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