How To Have A Great Blind Date

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we get a lot of comments about blind

dates and how to navigate those so I

thought I would dedicate a whole video

to how to have a great blind date and in

this video I'm going to talk to you

about things you can actually say on a

blind date that are going to escalate

the attraction it's going to be really

fun now before I get into what to say I

want to let you know stay till the end

of this video because the last thing I'm

going to tell you is when he at the end

of the date wants to come and give you a

kiss I'm going to show you how to triple

his attraction for you in that moment so

stay tuned let's jump into what to say

on the blind date so you're on the date

now you want to create chemistry what

are some of the great ways of doing that

well let's start off a little easy

firstly presumably if your friend has

set you up on a date with this person

she's told you a little bit about each

other if your friend has said that this

guy is really good at football or she

says that he has this great business

talk to him about that so my friend was

telling me you have this business that

centered around teaching women how to

flirt with men Oh what tell me about

that that sounds that sounds really

interesting you can start there right

that's a great place to start use the

information that you already have by the

way you can also if we want to go a

little advanced with this going go into

a part two with this conversation if

your friend has built this person up and

vice versa there's a kind of elephant in

the room about that because she's built

you both up to each other so you can say

this is really hard isn't it because my

friend yeah there's a lot of pressure on

you my friend has really built you up so

you have a you have a lot to live up to

here's another thing if he does

something a little awkward or stumbles

on something you can say this to ease

the tension let's say I don't know he

was you're driving somewhere with him

and and he parks the car crooked he has

to straighten up and he's starting to

get flustered when he parks the car you

can be like you look you know what I get

it I'm far more charming and amazing

than then you ever anticipated and it's

kind of throwing you off and it's cool I

get it I get this all the time little

playful moment eases the tension creates

a bit fun between you and also gives him

a role play to banter off of as well

okay so you have a little bit

answer now you're having fun maybe

you're a restaurant or it drinks

something like that you want to get a

bit more connection here's an

interesting question or something you

can say that's going to dive a bit

deeper into him say alright you have to

tell me something that our mutual friend

doesn't know about you because I want to

tease him or her about the fact that in

one day I already know you better than

they do this is fun because he's either

going to tell you something deep or he's

going to tell you something a little

quirky a little different but either way

this isn't the run-of-the-mill what do

you do where are you from all of that

stuff he's gonna have to really think

differently about what he's going to

tell you at the moment this is one that

not a lot of you are going to do but

those of you that are gonna do it are

gonna kill it with this one you this

you've got the ultra playful for this

but you say you know what my friend was

driving me crazy about how well we'd get

along she kept going oh this is amazing

guy is an amazing guy Europe you're

great don't get me wrong you're great

but I feel like we should wind up my

friend you and what you do is you take a

picture and you go you have to pretend

like we have to pretend we're really

super in love with each other in this

picture so you take a picture and you'll

go like let's be all dreamy-eyed and

stuff so you take the picture and then

you say I'm gonna send this to my friend

and wind her up so you send them you

send this picture of the two of you or

dreamy-eyed and underneath you say how

did you know we'd be so in love so

quickly not only are you making light of

this whole romantic ideal and not in a

sarcastic way but just in a fun way

you're having banter with him and you're

bringing him in on the joke when you

send this to your friend obviously

you're going to get this funny response

back because your friends going to know

that you're either playing with her or

that the two of you are getting on well

well enough to have a joke like that and

now in the friend text back five minutes

later it becomes this continuance of the

joke so you get to text your friend back

again but involve him in it it's a

really fun little roleplay to do that

involves everyone in the situation this

next tip is a little more sweet so we've

got a little playful sometimes sarcastic

I want to give you something sweet and

genuine that you can say so you say to

him you know it's funny my friend

usually has no taste in guys when when

it comes to who she thinks she'll be

like oh that guy's hot

that guy's cute you should you should

talk to him I'm always like you are you


um I actually don't feel that way about

you with you I feel like she actually

did a really good job she was right

about you okay

so you've gotten this far I told you at

the beginning of this video that I'd

tell you how to triple his attraction

for you at the moment where he wants to

kiss you and if you've done everything

I've just said he's gonna want to kiss

you when he goes to kiss you

you look at him and you say wait is it

are we allowed to kiss on this date this

is like this was a blind date I don't

this is almost like kissing a stranger

off the street I mean you could you're

just a random person in a way you could

I mean you could even be dangerous as

guys what do we do we keep pushing hey

we don't we just keep trying so you can

be like well I know it's a little

naughty and I know it feels bad whenever

you're ready you can now kiss him but

just those few seconds where you bat him

away a little bit and act like this

isn't allowed this is a bit naughty we

shouldn't be doing this this is a blight

this isn't even a first date in a way

it's a blind date this is just a date

where we saw each other for the first

time that's a very cute way to tease him

and create a little element of challenge

which makes him feel like he's gotten

over a hurdle in order to kiss you

rather than just kissing you straight up

so that's it go have a great blind date

by the way tell your friends that you're

interested in meeting guys if they know

guys that you could be interested in

tell them to hook you up make sure by

the way when they talk to the guys that

they don't say or my friend really wants

to meet guys right now that's not what a

good friend does if she's going to be a

good wingwoman to you she should be

saying to the guy I think maybe I can

get her out I don't know I'm gonna try

and get her out I think you guys should

meet she needs to make it sound like you

took a little persuading but from your

side be proactive be positive and your

friends will want to help you I'll see

you next week my friends bye bye