10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A BLACK GIRL

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hello everybody my name is China welcome

back to my channel and I'm coming back

to y'all with a brand new video today

okay so as you can see I'm in a whole

different scenery this is on my living

room so as you can see by the title I'm

sure you already know but today's video

is going to be about honey so the first

thing that you should never say to a

black girl this this might be in my top

like you know what I mean like this

might be number one for me because when

people say it is y'all this is me so

tight I just be like the first thing you

should never say to a black girl is oh

my goodness what do you mix with you to

prettier just be black which way are you


I'm - what do you mean I'm too pretty to

just be black like so I have to be mixed

with something or a whole different race

to be considered beautiful never knew

that was how it worked

never knew that was how it worked and

then people really when they say that

like MSA and everything they be thinking

it's like a compliment like I bled yeah

what room it's like they think that it's

a compliment like I'm gonna take it as a

compliment only women that are insecure

with their brazen and secure within

themselves is gonna take that as a

compliment so the second thing that you

should never say to a black girl is it's

not your real hair like say you say

you've just got your hair freshly

straight and right or it's big curly or

it's like I don't know like they see you

have a lot of hair or something like

that's something name was expecting is

that your real hair oh my gosh oh why

are you so shot why are you so shocked

that I actually have good hair

then I asked you are you mixed when they

see your hair it's you like why do I

have to have be mixed up hair

like how does that big mix equate to

having hair and don't ask to touch my


so going with the hoping of is that your

real hair the third thing you should

never say to a black girl is why do you

wear wigs and weave you actually have

good hair so there's two things we're

going to address there's two things

that's wrong with that with the one

statement there's two things that's

wrong with one statement so we're going

to address it so I'm speaking on behalf

of me and a whole bunch of other women

not just a black woman because black

women aren't the only woman that wear

wigs and weave so let's not get that

confused let's not ever get that

confused okay do you think Kylie Jenner

be wearing her over time you think Kim

Kardashian you think anybody else I can

anything nobody else off the top is more

than just a black woman that we're wigs

and weaves okay that's the first thing

second thing is never in your life think

that somebody is putting on a wig or

wearing weave because they don't have

hair me personally I like swishing on my

style I switch my hairstyle basically

every week I wear my real hair right now

and I wear wigs any other day I have a

whole bunch of weeks always ordering

wigs and I'm always gonna wear them it's

not because oh your hair might be longer

than a wig or you have nice hair okay I

don't care about that I'm trying to

switch up my style it's not because I'm

bald it's not because I needed that's

like saying that that's just like the

people will say that oh people wear

makeup is ugly no says I'm wearing this

makeup because I like you not because I

need it because I enjoy doing it and

it's a form of art not because I need so

weird because second thing wrong with

that statement is the

but you actually have good hair good


define what good hair is define good


I'll wait what's your definition of good

hair because my definition is having

good hair is having healthy hair it's

not it's not heat damaged it's not

chemically damaged it's not any of that

I don't care whether your hair is

naturally straight and naturally wavy

curly or kinky if your hair is in a good

condition if it's healthy thing you have

good hair so the fourth thing that you

should never say to a black girl with

ease oh my gosh my hair is so frizzy it

looks a mess first of all you don't know

frizzy take your hair like these that

just selection offer please didn't

didn't do my hair put on a wig or

anything because I felt like it was

appropriate for this video stuff but

like I was saying you don't know for the

you know frizzy a few flyaways ain't

frizzy your hair being lifted up because

it static ain't frizzy that's not what

it is then to top it all off you're

saying my hair is a mess is so frizzy so

you're saying that people with our type

of hair texture their hair is a mess

because it's frizzy don't do it please

don't do it another thing you should

never say to a black bro is oh my

goodness like I hate the summertime I

just begin so dark like first of all god

forbid god forbid you get a little tan

in the summertime what's wrong with

being dark it was wrong what happened a

little bit of my linen like just wrong

with that and some of the people that be

saying it be mean it

just a in carrying on for number six for

all the people that are cashiers or you

work at a food place or you just know me

maybe we're eating folder on each other

specifically fried chicken or any fried

food and you sit there and you have a

bottle hostels hey hot sauce what's my

sauce what's possible I know you what's

hot sauce like hot sauce so good like

first of all you're not saying hot sauce

is so good for yourself you're sitting

there and you're saying it because you

equate being black with liking hot sauce

and just because Beyonce said I got hot

sauce to my bags wait I don't mean that

everybody wants hot sauce I do like hot

sauce but don't offer it to me let me

ask for it not that big of a deal but

still ask me something like is that like

a racist Joker

alright number seven now this one this

one goes for everybody this one goes for

black people as well because I noticed

that black people tend to have a habit

of putting other black people down for

some reason because one type of black

person thinks that they're better than

another type of black person which it's

what we're not going to know this phrase

is the dark grosser ugly

now I know I'm not the darkest I'm not

dark I'm actually like a light brown

whatever my makeup makes me look darker

but it's cool my mom always tells me my

makeup be looking for making me look

darker but I like because I like a

little bit of Malinin not that I got to

explain myself because I don't care if I

was this color I will be just as

beautiful because the skin color does

not define your beauty it doesn't this

your facial features and your insight

was in here and was in here to find your

beauty not this color that's right here

or the color that's here or here if that

doesn't define your beauty I know some

very beautiful dark-skinned women very

beautiful very beautiful and I know some

very ugly light-skinned women some very

ugly white women and some very ugly

Hispanic women and I know some cute ones

just like I know some ugly dark people

and I know some cute another thing

that cries my tears it cries my gears is

when people say that darker people or

black people cannot work other hair like

girl have you not seen me wear my blonde

have you not seen me wear my red now I

know they might be talking about darker

skinned people but I don't care because

I see dark-skinned people with blonde

hair and they kill it now granny you

have to pick your shade like you have to

pick the correct shade that goes with

your skin you do like some things will

look a mess but some things if it's

going to look a mess on one grace for

one skin color it could look a mess on

another one too because I've seen some

people light-skinned maybe say they're a

little bit too late and they try to have

jet black hair you look like a witch you

look scary

you look demonic like

or like bright red like some stuff just

doesn't look good on anybody like yeah I

mean don't just equate colored hair not

looking good to black woman because

that's not the case because my beautiful

black will women be rocking some color

okay myself included

now I never did pink or nothing like

that but maybe one day another thing

that you should not say to a black woman

is oh you don't have black people


what are black people features what

honor to tell me one thing that looks

the same on all black people because

black comes in all different shapes

sizes colors so what's the black person

feature oh wait okay so the tenth and

final thing that I hate is when people

try to come up to you and you slang like

you know I mean like they automatically

assume that you're ratchet

they automatically assume that you're

going to know all the the new slang so

I'll be sitting there somebody like oh

I'm trying to get turnt this weekend

it's gonna be so cray and it's like what

are you talking about you don't have to

fit in with me so that's why every time

somebody do like that

I play dumb I play dumb with the damn

rock I play dumb because you're not

about to sit here stereotyped me and

things that I use those words and assume

that I know what those words mean I do

but I'm act like I don't so don't do it

okay vitals were just 10 quick things

that I'm sure that all black women can

relate to that are annoying is so

we will all appreciate if you guys send

do it no matter what race you are I

don't care if you're anything you could

be anything but black or you even me a

black person just don't say it I don't

care cuz it's annoying

you don't ask no questions about it just

know that matter of fact to all my

beautiful black queens give this video a

thumbs up matter of fact no we're all

for the black thing we're all for that

all of my beautiful Queens no matter

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