5 Steps To Turn Your Best Friend Into Your Girlfriend

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Tripp Kramer here from You might be in a

situation right now where you have a best friend who's a girl and it's really

not a friendship because you like her so this is some sort of twisted

friendship in a way. Somehow you guys have become close but this whole

time you've been pining after her. This happens quite a bit. A lot of guys will

take that backdoor entrance to get a girl interested in them. What they do is

they think okay I'm not gonna go for her or flirt with her because then I

might risk getting rejected, so instead what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be her

friend and then over time she'll finally see

what an amazing guy I am and then BOOM, she's gonna like me. The sad part is that

rarely happens. For women, it's this weird switch; either she

likes you or she doesn't. Either you're a sexual item to her or you're

just like her brother. And when you're put in the friendzone, you start to get

into that brother mode where she sees you as a brother which is completely

non-sexual, sees you as a friend and also doesn't want to see you as a sexual item

because she doesn't want to lose an amazing friendship you have. With all

this said, what are you supposed to do? How do you get out of this? How would you

get to the point where you can turn her into a girl that likes you and

maybe even into a girlfriend? There's two different scenarios here.

Let me give you the most common when you're for sure in the friend

zone and you're like what do I do, how do I turn this around? Here's what

you're gonna have to do. I've talked about this on other episodes before so

maybe this is gonna be me repeating some material but this would be good for you

to know. If you haven't heard this before, welcome to how to

get out of the friendzone 101. Step one; you need to stop being her best friend.

The one that's always there, that's talking to her all the time and answering

her text messages and hanging out all the time as friends. You need to end that

completely. You're gonna have to do some pretty

harsh moves here if you want her to be more than just a friend. You're gonna have to

go away. You're gonna have to leave that means that you're gonna have to start

hanging out with other girls and other people. You're gonna have to create some

sort of jealousy by being with other people and you're gonna have to go away

to get her to miss you and you're gonna have to go away so you can reinvent

yourself to come back into her life as a potential sexual item. As someone that

you can see herself with. Let's go over this again.

Step one; you need to go away. Step two; you need to be hanging out with other

women, other people. Step three; you're going to come back into her life. Step

four; you're going to re-seduce her or I should say seduce her because you

haven't done that in the first place and then five, you're gonna see what happens.

It might not work. But this is your best shot. Let's dive a little

bit deeper into this. You're not gonna tell her hey Stephanie I'm going away

for a while, you're not gonna see me. You just have to be busy, you just have to

get busy. It doesn't mean you don't have to answer her text messages once in

awhile. You can maybe see her once in a while but you really gotta create that

separation. If you're like I can't do that, I can't do that with her. She's my

best friend like what is she gonna think if I go away? Then I ask you, do you

want her as your best friend or do you want her as your girlfriend? You can't

have both? You need to pick one. It's up to you.

If you want to just be in the friend zone, have her as your friend, fine do that.

But if you want the best chance of making this work, you're gonna

have to really play this game here. You're gonna have to go away. You have

to go away because she has to have this distorted vision of what it meant to be

friends with you. We want that vision distorted so when you come back in the

picture and you're this new reinvented more seductive version of

yourself, it's gonna give you a better shot of her seeing you in this new light.

So you're gonna have to go away, keep busy then you're gonna have to

learn seduction. You have to learn flirting, you're gonna

have to learn attraction. We're not gonna go over that in this video. I have 500

other videos that talk about that. You can learn about that

there or you can get my hooked program and I'll put a link in the description

below and then you can learn again how to be a very attractive seductive person.

When you come back into her life, you're not gonna be just her best friend

again. We're not gonna go back to square one where you guys are talking

all the time and hanging all the time. You guys are best friends. No instead

you're gonna try to get her on a date. She might not know it's a date

but it's gonna be a little bit of a catch up. You guys are gonna be catching

up, maybe you'll get a drink maybe whatever any kind of situation

where you two can just sit down and talk. It doesn't matter exactly what it

is and then you're gonna lay on the charm and you're gonna have to run the

risk of her not liking that, not wanting that. She might be like whoa.

She might still be in best friend mode. We don't know. You might not be able to

break it. But this is your best shot. If she's not into it and she's

like oh he's flirting with me, this is weird.

It's just not gonna work but you should try this out, see if it works and see if

you can get her attracted to you by being more dominant, more assertive,

playing a little bit more hard-to-get, teasing her a little bit. Using

all the flirting techniques, all those things. Not over validating her too much

and giving her lots of compliments. It's gonna be more about how you are now

the man who's gonna be the chooser. Here's the second scenario. The second

scenario is maybe you have a best friend and this girl actually likes you too.

You're gonna know this better than anyone. You're gonna have this idea that

maybe she likes you or not. If you don't think she likes you and you're in the

friend zone, use the first scenario I just put yourself through. But if you're

like no we like cuddle. I think she's into me like she really is flirty with

me when were hanging out. She's very touchy-feely. If you're getting this

vibe that you think that she likes you and this is more than a

friendship then all you're gonna do is you're gonna hang out with her. You're

gonna invite her over to your place and you guys gonna hang out and then you're

gonna go for a kiss. That's what you're gonna do. You run the risk

of her being like whoa wait a minute, that's not what I thought. Then you'll

like, alright I thought that was the signs I was getting, no big deal and then just

move on. But if you're feeling that I think she really digs me,

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