Tips on Dating Dutch men

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Shallow Man, you helped me with dressing like a Dutch girl. I've toned down the makeup,

I've got my denim on but now I desperately need your help. I have my first date with

a Dutch man and I haven't a clue what to do do you have any tips for me? Expat lady dating

Dutch men is more challenging than getting a group of Dutch women to stop smoking on

a terrace the shallow man will guide you through the mistakes commonly made by expat women

when dating Dutch men. The things I do for my viewers. Your ten minutes late. Yeah I

know but it's really nice weather so it shouldn't really matter right? Wow it's a bit pricey

here. I really don't think so I think it's a great value look at the beautiful terrace

it's nice. Yes can I get a bottle of sparkling water please? Thank you. Actually I'll have

tap water. It's free in the Netherlands right? You're not as high maintenance as I thought.

I'm really surprised that you actually look like your profile picture. Really, why's that?

Typically Americans are hugely overweight so I figured that you used an old picture.

That's not very nice. Oh come on it's only a joke you foreigners take everything so seriously.

Not everyone would understand that it's a joke and I think it's a bit rude. Well we're

Dutch we can't be rude we're just very direct. I'm guessing you don't really understand our

sense of humor so I'm sorry. Well I appreciate your apology. Thank you. Even though I did

nothing wrong. Can we start again? Yeah of course we can. Good so what made you choose

my profile pic? Well errr, do you have lice or something? What? You keep touching your

hair. Sweetheart I'm flirting with you, pay attention. So what are you going to order?

I don't know you choose. Excuse me? You want me to choose? Oh boy! But in Dutch society

it's perfectly normal for women to make all the decisions for the men, what they eat,

what to wear, when to go out or when to stay home, it's pretty much ingrained in our culture.

Really? Excuse me can I have the bill please? So errmm you had three glasses of wine, which

is 21 euros, I had three beers which is 12. So we're going Dutch? Yeah we are I mean unless

you're going home with me tonight then I'll pick up the bill next time. Wow what a gentleman,

yeah I think so. You know what? I'll take care of the bill. Oh really? well I'm cool

with that, so how about coming to my place tonight? I'm assuming you're wanting to get

laid tonight. That would be nice well we'll have sex when we leave here. Lekker! Just

not with each other.