Be a Good Boy

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how to be a good boy being a good boy is

not always easy especially if you're

having trouble being good at both home

in school the most important thing is

that you treat your family members

teachers and the people around you with

kindness and respect being a good boy

doesn't mean you have to be perfect but

it does mean that you should show

compassion and understanding toward

others being a good boy at home

listen to your parents the best thing

you can do to be a good boy at home is

to listen to what your parents tell you

to do if they ask you to help out to

turn down your music or to join them for

dinner with your aunt and uncle then you

should do as they say as much as

possible of course if their demands are

completely unreasonable then you should

have a nice open conversation with them

but as a rule of thumb you can be a good

boy and make your parents happy by

listening to what they tell you to do if

your grandparents or other adults live

in your home then you should listen to

them too when your parents are talking

to you make sure you look them in the

eye and that you put away your phone

make them see that you really care

helped out around the house if you want

to be a good boy then you should help

clean up messes instead of creating them

work to clean up after yourself do your

own laundry and help your parents with

daily tasks like throwing out the trash

taking the dog for a walk wiping down

the kitchen table or anything else that

you can do to lighten the load if you

have required chores then you should do

them without grumbling and even go above

and beyond when it comes to housework

you shouldn't have to ask if you need to

help or what you can do instead be

observant and look around to see what

really needs to be cleaned up or fixed

from a sink of overflowing dishes to a

hamper of clean laundry that needs to be


respect your siblings another way to be

a good boy is to be nice to your

siblings whether they are older or

younger if you're the older sibling you

should serve a role model for your

siblings and should help them grow more

mature and reasonable as they get older

if you're a younger sibling then you

should be nice and avoid taunting or

teasing your older siblings too much and

let them have their own space being a

good sibling is an important part of

being a good boy and you should try to

get along with your siblings as much as

you can you should also help your

parents out by spending time with your

siblings so they don't always have to

watch over them if your siblings are

upset help them sort their problems out

when you can see your parents can have

some time to themselves avoiding fights

with your siblings will help you be a

good boy because you'll be helping make

things easier around the house

obey the rules another thing you can do

to be a good boy is to obey the rules

your parents have set forward this can

mean sticking to your curfew waking up

at a certain time doing the chores you

were meant to do cleaning up after

yourself only spending a certain amount

of time on your phone or computer and so

on if you want to be a good boy then you

should obey the rules you are given and

only question them if you really think

you need to talk to your parents about


disregarding your parents rules shows

them that you don't respect or care for

them as much as you could you have to

show them how much you appreciate their

parenting by listening to them if you

have siblings it's important to follow

your parents rules so that you set a

good example for your brother or sister

apologize when you have made a mistake

being a good boy doesn't mean being

perfect all the time it does however

mean that you should apologize when you

feel like you've made a mistake

if you want to be a good boy then you

have to learn when you have done

something wrong and be ready to admit it

to truly apologize look your parents and

siblings in the eyes and give them a

sincere and honest apology to show that

you've put a lot of thought into what

you've done and that you won't do it


don't just say you're sorry while you're

doing something else or heading out the

door take the time to sit down with your

parents and take the time to let them

know you really messed up

make your parents lives easier the best

thing you can do as a good boy is to

make your parents lives easier

this can mean doing extra chores when

you're not asked being extra obedient on

days when you can see that your parents

are extra tired spending time with your

siblings to give your parents more time

off or even giving your parents space

when they're tired and want to lie down

most parents are overwhelmed by their

parenting duties and if you try to make

their lives easier instead of creating

problems then they will be grateful to

you for it as you get older you can help

them run more errands like picking up a

few groceries washing the car at home or

helping get your younger siblings ready

for school if you see that your parents

come home upset try helping cook dinner

or ask if you can pick up some pizza to

make things easier

learn more skills to help out around the

house you may think that there's only so

much you can do because you're too young

to really help out but you can always

learn more ways to help if your parents

do your laundry or wash your dishes for

you learn to do it yourself

if your parents always take care of the

dog or cat you should learn when they

need to be fed and when to take out the

dog you can even learn to cook simple

things or to make yourself sandwiches

for lunch so your parents don't have to

do it don't think that you can't really

help because you're too young instead be

a good boy and always look out for new

ways to help out

find hobbies that help you improve

yourself another way to be a good boy is

to work on becoming a smarter more

interesting person this can mean

spending more time reading and writing

teaching yourself a foreign language

learning a skill such as soccer or

playing guitar and generally caring

about self-improvement though watching

TV or playing games online can make for

a fun break you should attempt to grow

as a person as much as you can if you

want to be a good boy part of being a

good boy means becoming more mature and

growing as a person learning new skills

and educating yourself can help you

become a more thoughtful well-rounded


don't disobey your parents in public

another way to be a good boy is to make

sure to listen to your parents in public

avoid contradicting them ignoring them

openly disregarding their rules throwing

tantrums or doing anything that would

make them feel embarrassed and

disappointed in you if you disagree with

them about something bring it up later

when you're alone at home so you can

have a productive conversation with them

instead of throwing a fit even if you

really really want something your

parents won't give you right then you

should avoid embarrassing or making them

feel bad this will make them upset and

can hurt your relationship with them

instead do the mature thing and avoid

throwing a tantrum and ask if you can

talk about it later