Connect; Mombasa Raha Positions: Part 1 Of 3.

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happy holidays everyone from wherever

you are watching us caribou Nissan I

thank you so much for tuning in to

connect my name is swanee Kanaka and i'm

joined in studio or should i say on our

back by the lovely get with mom guy

today connects goes to the bedroom great

but then you notice people have actually

been asking for the stairs in the

beginning is to give them a self yes

then we cut it yeah now they're asking

where are the cells the elevator and

what better way to Claudia maybe you

guys exactly what to do what not to do

harm in the year 2030 2013 good idea

today it's all about positions

unscripted mmm-hmm yeah I would even

have to ask Tony to move over because we

don't want her getting hurt this you

watch accessories eyebrow anyway well

our numbers again is 7/5 8/5 to two

hours to do the white connect we like to

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telling you connect is all about you fun

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people first in your safety belts and i

think this is my take my leave of

absense yes oh yes enjoy the show you

know I get you ladies a lot even the

last time a demonstration just all about

the ladies what the ladies are supposed

but these are not supposed to do and we

said new more aware and rabbit is

unknown Oh guys this is your chance

today I get to show you what you're not

supposed to do and bumping up in the air

is what you're not supposed to do you

don't want doing this this is not fun

for any lady you know you're supposed to

instead of bumping up and down like this

you're supposed to come this is

different and if you can move it in a

circular motion not this you're not in

the gym

clearly not building up any muscles okay

and for the ladies we are not pompous we

are shakers

so this is what you're supposed to do

instead of pumping like the way the guys

do we are supposed to shake it in a

circular motion the first chance you get

you shake it if you go on your fourth

not only are you supposed to stick it up

you're supposed to shake it you're not

supposed to do this this is not fun not

even for you and hi the good is supposed

to enter like this come out a position

shake it up and shake it in a circular

motion okay so I'm going to be showing

you some positions what the ladies are

supposed to do today's all about the

ladies what they're supposed to do while

you're with the guy and go do by

yourself so you can practice on your own

and when the guy is around because if we

go in with a guy you know what to do as

you can see I have a model on set

because we really want to make this as

real as possible I want to demonstrate

for you at least I would be

demonstrating on my own so you know as a

lady what you're supposed to do then I

have the most stretch with her but just

remember I'm always a lady she is the

dude I wish I would've brought a real

dude but I think my husband kill me he

didn't give permission next time don't

ya know usually maybe if anybody about

miss your next time so this is what

you're supposed to do like I say a

majority of the women like the

missionary and missionary has so many

variations so if you have to do

missionary don't just do missionary like

this you can do so much with your legs

okay you can do missionary like that you

can do missionary like this or

missionary like this so this is actually

called the plow I'm showing you when I'm

on my own I'll show you when the guy is

on top this is the plow and then you do

this kind of success to step and step on

his bum and push him inside or you

actually do this to step on his

shoulders so one of the best positions

actually is the plow you check your

hands your legs around this is one of

the most common position if you've never

tried please try it and he supposed to

be bumping around no tamping remember

supposed to be dumping in your hands

can you try and make use of your hands

you can put a massage his first check

over here play around with this whatever

and just push it or just bring your

hands down here and you'll know what to

do so this is the plough one of the most

common I hope you try this and the other

one is actually like another multi facet

of the plough you step on his back and

you you you guide you help you go in and

out in and out again don't just lamb

your hands use your hands to do whatever

it is you can do it still go in there he

can massage his shoulder he's back and

almost where else you can put their

hands and they had a position he's

actually put your hands on his shoulders

make sure you're very just bent on it

make sure you're very very comfortable

and let him support the Bob okay so you

can actually call this bum lift and then

you go up and down up and down you

really don't need to be a gymnast to be

able to do this anybody can do this I

really really hope you try those three

positions you don't have to do one you

know and next day you do the other one

you can do the three positions at the

same you know continuously you start

with a plough you come back step on his

bomb and then take your legs around his

shoulder and do the lifting that's

actually very nice now another position

I wanna show you is called the bum lift

it's it's actually it can be a lazy

position but very funkified he will not

even know that you're being lazy doing

this okay all you have to do is every

time when he is on top of you you do you

do the barn if just a little this is

called abundant and little you don't

have to do it's not that of course not

okay and you have to have a rhythm okay

position your legs nicely get very very

comfortable and then just squeeze up I'm

come down squeeze up and down okay let

me show let me show you when use on top

of you come on just come on top switch

in your legs uh-huh so you see you lift

up and go down lift up and go down when

you're doing this it's not supposed to

move in a circular motion it's not

supposed to do anything now at first

when you're actually practicing practice

makes perfect

until you get the rhythm you need to

actually discuss this when I'm moving

you just enjoy everything when you're

movie I'm enjoying everything tip turns

until you get in sync with one another

move up come down move up come down your

hands again make use of your hands put

them here you know you can hold his

waist as you're going up coming down

going up coming down until the Sun sets


the other position is actually one of my

favorite and this position will actually

better your chances of you getting an

orgasm oh this all about the clitoral

stimulation the cut position can't see

eighteen literal enlightenment technique

that's called a cut position all you

have to do is lie on your back but he

has the biggest job when it comes to the

cut position so I'm going to show you

the cut position where the woman is the

man is on top and cut position when the

woman is on top okay so the current

position actually the lady does

everything like I said I'll show you I'm

the lady this is the dude good-looking

dude dude dude a mess okay

so pay attention to the legs you know

suppose they're not supposed to be this

high they're not supposed to be this

long they have to be somewhere at the

middle and you have to open wide okay

and then he has to slam his weight this

one of the few times he has to slam his

weight and make sure his pelvic bone is

on top of your pelvic bone and then you

move in a circular motion and the lady

you move in a circular motion whole team

massage charge pink pop do other

Whitey's but it has to be moving in a

circular motion the easiest is actually

when the woman is on top let me show you

um this is actually a personal

preference sometimes I like it when my

legs are in between his and sometimes I

like it when my legs up you know his

legs are in between mine okay

and then your hands hose you remember we

said not bumping up and down so the

guy's not bumping up and down for the

ladies either so hold his hands

and then stop watch yourself on the bed

because if you support yourself on his

hands things make it up it's Timmy and

break his hands we don't want that to

happen do it so put your hands together

hold lock and support yourself on the

bed that's where you have a bit of

control and then you move in a circular

motion but make sure you place all your

body do you see your pelvic bone is on

top of his political bomb okay and then

when you come in between his legs this

is even easier sorry lower yourself a

little bit and then make sure these are

not of pressure cause when it comes to

their pleasure Bob is all about pressure

how much pressure it depends on you I

really hope you're paying attention

because I'm trying as hard as I can to

slow it down a little so you're actually

able to take instructions from this some

of the positions you guys have already

been doing they're bad maybe you forgot

to use to do them and you don't do the

minimum because really whatever I'm

demonstrating today they don't mean this

position been here for renfa

okay so my other favorite position I

call it the bouncing around I'm telling

you is such a pretty epic pretty sight

you know not just for you for him to now

I really don't know what you wear or

what you put on when you go to bed but

this is one of those positions where you

don't have