How To Get Her To Sleep With You - Do This and She Will Jump You

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hi guys chances are you found this video

because you are searching for how to get

her to sleep with you so that's exactly

what I'm going to discuss in this video

and if you've seen any of my other

previous videos then you might recall

that I mentioned that when it comes to

the artis abduction girls and guys are

polar opposites guys are easily turned

on while girls take much greater effort

to get a sexually excited if you want to

get a woman to sleep with you then you

need to ignite a sexual spark in her and

it doesn't matter how much she likes you

if you don't turn her on you're never

gonna get her into your bed so it will

be extremely difficult to get her to

sleep with you so here's three helpful

tips on how to turn a girl on so much

that she can't wait to get under the

covers with you okay here we go number

one make her feel beautiful and no

catcalling does not make a woman feel

beautiful guys

what I mean is that you should actually

be getting to know her and show her that

you appreciate when she's rockin a new

outfit or sporting a new pair of

earrings or has a new hairstyle for

example by showing her that you noticed

these little details that it shows her

that you're paying attention and then

she's put a lot of thought into them and

you notice the work she did so you'll

end up being her hero if you notice

these things and point them out number

two be nice to her friends if they

decide that you're a jerk you're never

getting into her bed it never ceases to

amaze me how many men forget this

however at the same time you have to be

careful to not overdo it because if

you're too nice you'll risk making her

think that you're interested in one of

her friends and that's not what you want

so be nice to her friends but not overly

nice if that makes any sense there's a

balancing act there number three don't

act like you're obsessed with sex let's

face it you're a man of a certain age

who's desperate for sex with a girl then

you're probably obsessed with sex so

that doesn't mean though that you have

to make jokes all the time about sex

sexual innuendos or even blatant

references to sex all the time the last

thing you want is to make a girl think

that you're a horndog

who's so obsessed with sex that you

don't care which lady you have sex with

or that comes into your bed you should

make her feel special you want to make

her feel like she's the only one that

you want to have sex with you don't have

to hide the fact that you're a man with

needs but avoid being vulgar talking

about sex all the time we're talking

about other people who have sex all the


it's just not good don't make derogatory

comments about other women this will

make the girl feel like a piece of meat

so remember that you're not with your

bros you're with a special lady so don't

be obsessed with sex and if you are hide

it as best as you can

I hope you found this helpful and that

you begin to be become more help more

comfortable and confident when trying to

get her to sleep with you

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