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hi guys and welcome back to another

video so in today's video I am going to

be talking about how you can eject

yourself an Aries woman just want to say

here that yes every season started last

week happy birthday Aries happy birthday

okay so in order to know how to attract

to Saudi oxide in general okay we first

must look at the common traits

personality traits and qualities that

come with the sign so as an Aries woman

she is a fighter okay she's a fighter

she's courageous she's impulsive

she's rash however she does have this

streak of sort of impatience to her at

the same time this is just because she

does not really take to slowness very

well or stupidity very well or

indirectness very well because she

herself is pretty straightforward pretty

direct and he's pretty quick she's

pretty jump the gun go forward moving

the thing about Aries women is that they

are naturals

for executive positions and positions of

leadership this is because they possess

the strength to courage the the

conviction the directness to do so okay

there are action people and no matter

how feminine an Aries woman is she needs

a crusade she desires a challenge and a

cause to follow it's as though for the

Aries woman she has houses goal in reach

Thoreau is trying to reach her this goal

support like always moving for always

need a cause always needs something to

shoot for shoot for the stars let's go

so with her okay she isn't really

attracted to the common yes person she

refers a partner with the mind a mind of

their own she isn't afraid just to even

stand up to people for an Aries woman

she is not likely to be very submissive

within a relationship and she's not

really the type of person and to

hero-worship okay to hero-worship or

kind of smell sweetly whenever the

partner is behaving insufferably it's

like yes yes

you're acting like a lunatic I'm just

gonna sit here and get a ticket you you

she's going to get up off her chair and

be like what's up oh yeah good I'm not

dealing with your I have an Aries

name I am a woman and if I am with

someone and they are acting by the

flying being too much for me I'm not

afraid to Systema be like ah no no no

we're not doing this all right

no it's not even within a relationship

though or anything like that if I see

something that's happening and it's out

of order

in my opinion I someone's being

mistreated on the street or someone's

just acting just out of line that I just

don't agree with

I'm not afraid just to say not to the

person you know I just come out and I

said what you're doing I don't agree

with it so for the Aries woman she's

more likely going to argue okay more

likely going to serve just argue and

through this temper tantrum if the

partner is behaving insufferably Aries

women are just sort of saying no I don't

need to be this heist wife I can do

whatever I want for me if I have a goal

that I want to pursue I want to do it

regardless of what society thinks that

for an Aries woman it's like that's like

I'm not gonna let people tell me who I

am at him not I am me I am me and no

one's going to tell me otherwise and so

when it does come to attracting her okay

when you want to attract Aries woman

show her that she's able to call the

shots sometimes you're both able to call

the shots just don't make her feel like

she must be submissive to you or that

you want to sort of team her or take

away our independence let her see that

she has ability to sort of do what she

wants within reason of course

also with Aries women typically

typically they actually do prefer the

company of man and having this masculine

type of energy within her she gets one

very well with men she can

could be said them that she would

gravitate towards man because like you

know they get me but there's none of the

drama so to speak that comes with it as

within women women friendships and so to

Tractor try to accept this about her do

not try to smother her or try to possess


after all the Aries woman is a nubile

free spirit and she will be loyal to you

in fact Aries is capable of tremendous

loyal commitment he will fight and I

mean fight for those that she loves and

to float herself to them she will stand

with her partner side by side on the


of life show her that man sure that you

want to stand by her side on that

battlefield but at the same time show

her that you don't want to just take her

armor and her sword and everything and

leave her vulnerable leave her weak

defenseless or like you have more power

over her so to speak and do not do not

under any circumstances try to make an

Aries woman feel jealous in the belief

that by doing so she will most likely

fall in love with you because of them

you know let's let's try to make her

jealous to she'll fall for me Oh she'll

notice nah nah this will not work for

there is woman she needs to be number

one anything less will make her lose

interest ultimately for an Aries woman

she will definitely shy away from

controlling or manipulative type of

people every every every step you'll

scare be honest coming

Oh Doris cover yourself run and friend

so in order to attract her make it

really clear in the beginning that you

have no intentions of trying to tie her

going another way to attract an Aries

woman is to not let her run out of

energy he wants excitement she wants

anticipation in fact the chief was like

this and that is the most exciting part

for her soon as she becomes aware of

things getting a little bit too Monday

and a little bit too routine she might

get a little bit bored

so the

he here okay the key here to attracting

her is to keep that fire burning keep

the fire burning because she is a fire

thing Oh another thing when it comes to

sex things have got to be surprising for

her just try to make the area's women

fall in love with you over and over and

over again also keep in mind here as

well that with Aries women Aries in

general they're not the type of people

to who grudges on people therefore she

sort of expects that you're also willing

to sort of forgive and forget as well

okay guys so that can live in a video on

how you can attract yourself a

courageous brave strong Aries woman if

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