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hi guys and welcome back to another

video so finally I back with my heart to

attract the zodiac sign series I do this

season by season that's why it's been

quite a while but in today's video I'm

going to be talking about how you can

attract yourself an Aries man I just

want to say happy birthday Aries alright

so in order to know how to attract an

Aries or anyone in general okay any sign

we first must look at the common

qualities and traits to come with the

sign so for an Aries man this man he is

a fighter he is courageous he is rash he

is impulsive this way this man is these

a little bit larger than life there is

this strong streak of impatience within

them so with that the Aries man doesn't

really take to slowness stupidity or

indirectness very well first thing you

need to really know about this man okay

he is as masculine as masculine can be

or I know of course seven and eight and

masculinity exists within us all okay

but the thing with Aries energy is that

it's ruled by Mars and Mars is the most

masculine planet and so it makes Aries

very masculine sign so when it comes to

relationships possible relationships for

the earth man this can actually make him

pretty vulnerable he's tough yet if I

sensitive he's very strong as well but

yet he'd be quite poetic ultimately for

him he's able to sort of take on all the

bad guys all right take it take it on

beat them up

yet still he's able to present this sort

of um this tenderness towards love and

relationships so because he trying to be

so vulnerable and love the Aries man

he's often a little heavy-handed to

those that he is attracted to within him

then you can see this really strong

leader with that hippie said that he

might desire someone

who prompts them towards towards the

leadership rule yet he also requires a

study welling partner he sort of

requires someone who is able to fight by

his side just like honor him but it is

important that you don't give him the

impression that you're going to just

knock him over or go into this battle

against them okay stand by his side but

to fight against them for the Aries man

it's all about sort of bouncing him

light is usually why and usually why the

Aries in Libra because they're opposite

signs why they tend to attract one

another the Libra does and can truly

help in Aries go from me I am to us we

are likewise the Aries can help Libra

see that it's okay to be selfish

sometimes it's okay to put yourself

first sometimes it's about both parties

taking turns when they're holding the

reins so naturally if you do want to

attract him show him this show him that

you're a fighter yourself you have this

in you and you respect that he's won and

you just want to join forces with them

an alliance if you will on the

battlefield of life throw my independent

you can be and how capable you are of

actually really taking care of yourself

after all this is the first sign so

Aries they are independent they are

about making it through this life on the

road not necessarily that they want to

it's just that they're capable they're

able to do it they're definitely like

that person within the bottle who rides

on their horse with a sword hi to

schools just goes at all the competitors

all the people against them

that's why strong Aries is okay Aries

energy is very strong that way after the

first sign it's like power okay it's

boom really care about what people think


say who's stronger who's maybe more

intellectual who's better the Aries

still does it the Aries goes for it

because I have the courage to do it no

I'm actually seeing it here okay you

know Xena Xena the warrior princess I

bet she was an Aries probably either

that or Scorpio because this woman

definitely did use sexuality see I'm

going to say probably probably an Arri

son scorpio moon probably for Xena I

don't know what do you think what do you

think replacement should have been so

with that okay in order to attract him

show him that you you want to complement

him rather than depend on him let him

know how you are able to stand on your

own two feet but but to have him stand

on your two feet that would be pretty

nice as well you know I also feel as

though Aries people they kind of enjoyed

arguments a little bit we could call it

may be disputes disagreements to be it

so for an Aries man

maybe they require a partner who can

really match his fire a partner who

fires back with confidence because then

it shows two people who are standing up

for themselves against one another I

just think this is because the Aries man

admires your ability or person's ability

to show passion true passion on what

they believe she passion to the art show

passion and really standing up for for

themselves ultimately to attract him

show him that you're not a pusher the

only people walk over you and then

you're not going to let him walk over

you either however though that being

said important to note that Aries men

are actually very romantic people

traditionally so they are like true

romantics at heart the ones you know

Romeo and Juliet's down then outside

your balcony all right Aries man can be

like this it's as though the era's man

loves to just sort of catch or cheese

damsel in distress so that prince of a

princess but okay you must you must let

him know that you want to be kissed no

playing in the series man so to attract

him to not let him run around okay he

needs a direction to go okay

Aries people are forward moving but they

need to know where they're moving to he

just loves to rescue you loves to be the

hero but yet still he needs to know what

fairy tale he wants to play out I mean

what fairy tale is this that we're doing

here we're in sync duty are we doing

Rapunzel how about Shrek I would in

track each to the row okay each to the

room and lastly another way to track

there is none is to use the body

language Aries man let me say they're

very tuned into their bodies and our

three sexual people okay grab a very

very high sex drive because of this more

is planet so use that body language to

roll in in PSM case yes and fleurs back

present yourself presenter still very

high and look right at him hi alright

just kind of play on my feminine energy

because the fact that he has over this

masculine energy most likely he's going

to be checked to the feminine energy the

way is about using sex appeal so maybe

he is attracted to masculine energy play

on lap or if you're noise attracted to

feminine energy play on that it's like

you sang to Aries I'm ready to be saved

just as long as you let me keep in mind

though keep in mind that if he tells you

to stop doing that like stop yeah dude

you have to stop because the thing with

Aries is that and they're very

straightforward people very honest and

direct so if he isn't really into you

and you are you're doing these things he

looks like we let you know ultimately if

he senses that you are trapped into him

and he's not attracted to you he will

tell you most likely than that okay guys

so that concludes in a video and how

you can eject yourself as strong

courageous hairy breas Aries man if you

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