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hi guys I welcome back to my channel

alright I'm going to be talking about

how to attract an Aquarius woman today I

would also like to just quickly

highlight here that within my attraction

series okay this really relates to you

if you have your Sun your moon or your

rising within the sign and which I'm

talking about with the things that I do

have an Aquarius Sun so I can relate to

some some of these things that I'll be

talking about but as I say this can also

relate to if you are wanting to attract

an Aquarius in terms of them having an

Aquarius moon or an Aquarius rising as

well in order to know how to attract an

Aquarius female its first important to

look at the common traits to come with

that energy some of the specific traits

include eccentric pretty rebellious I am

predicting all that's for sure highly

highly intelligent quite quick-witted

and most of all I feel with Aquarius

energy would be that sense of

independence thing about a Korean women

I feel is that they are non conformist

okay we heard the sign of rebellion in

the zodiac therefore you would believe

you come to some sort of conclusion that

we do not really enjoy being told what

to do now I have my moon in Aries and

Moon in Aries people don't like being

told what to do either

I had it safe to say my Sun my moon I

don't really like it furthermore if you

do tell an aquarium woman that she can't

do something she's not capable of doing

something she looked pretty wrong just

like the iris Mena stuff but with that

being said Aquarian women still have big

hearts okay we are constantly told that

we are detached and aloof and yes I

can't be like that I can't but that does

not mean that I don't have a big heart

okay I'm capable of loving I am so

capable of that and I do feel with the

correct energy that that is such a

negative sharing with this negative

stamp on us Almond energy that we are

just so detection and emotional and we


want to get involved with people in an

emotional level I really feel that yes

okay these are the common traits to come

with us and yes I can be like that but

that's more because it's difficult it's

not that we're not capable of it it's

not that we're deliberately trying to

hurt people or to reject people it's

just that it's tough and it takes time I

feel with Aquarius that it takes time to

properly build build on their emotions

and their connections with people where

yes there over community and

togetherness but on that deep emotional

level they need to build on that we may

be about bringing people together but

we're very cautious and careful and

alert to observing people okay we're

careful when we go in we want to make

sure that that person is genuine so we

will analyze things just like Burgos and

I'm mindful arising furthermore okay

Aquarius is in a humanitarian sign it is

known to be the humanitarian of the

entire zodiac so with us we look at

equality it's very important try your

very best not to be rude to the waiter

on your first date with an Aquarius

female because she'll pick up a mat and

kind of think to yourself like why what

are you doing like you don't do that to

people you can tell a lot about a person

by hi they treat others with the crayons

we want to treat everybody equally or at

least we try our best okay we try so

with all that being said what are the

ways and means in which you can attract

yourself an Aquarius female woman first

thing okay I think is that you should be

able to stand out from the crowd alright

so as I was saying Aquarius is a little

rebellion and it's also an

individualistic kind of sign yes it's

individual in itself but it's still

about bringing people together at the

same time ultimately Aquarians aren't

one for just following the crowd they're

not really known for being sheep yes yes

we want to see everybody coming together

but we appreciate when everybody comes

together because they themselves fought

for themselves and they want to if that

makes sense

they're not just doing it to follow the

cry they're doing it because they

genuinely want to they're doing it from

an individual stance and then bringing

their individual characteristics and

traits to the table order to attract the

acquires women try to show that you

don't just hold a card that you have

something different about you that

you're exciting that you're adventurous

think of the interest acquire it's okay

the Age of Aquarius is pretty much what

a lot of people would say we're already

in it or that it's a bite to come okay

so the Age of Aquarius is all about

being a rebel

it's like going against the normal bike

going against all these forms of control

and standing up against that so for a

crying women they don't tend to go for

people who are just people pleasers and

they go for people who are genuine who

have their own personality to them so I

feel that that is why Aquarius tends to

be pretty attracted to really mysterious

type of sign ultimately they just want

to see you as your true authentic self

be your self don't just follow this

person that person because it's like

well they're doing it like I wanna do it

another way in which I feel you can

attract the Aquarius woman is by showing

little acts of kindness just be kind

just be nice I know that can apply to

pretty much every sign but the Aquarius

truly does admire when you do the little

things in order to help others or help

her for example if you maybe you're even

vegan or vegetarian I find that a lot of

Aquarians are being in a vegetarian just

like with virgos as well it's because

they care they care about the world they

care about animals they care about

humanity and if you are vegan or

vegetarian that they might see this as

well this person is making this

conscious decision to help the animals

also maybe if you get to charity or if

you volunteer somewhere these little

things that you may do the Aquarius

female will notice this and it will

really shine bright for them so what's

up being said try not to talk badly

about other people I know for me I tend

to whatever people are gossiping around

me I try to just take myself out of that

situation I don't really enjoy

in gossiping about what this girl did or

that guy did and for me it's just so

minor it's so irrelevant be careful

about tongue careful look up come

another way in which you can attract the

Aquarius female is by being a risk taker

okay aquariums are known for taking

risks they just love to do the most

unpredictable thing and what better way

to have a partner or somebody else who

loves that just as much of course yes

Aquarius is a logical sign so it will

think usually before it acts on things

but Uranus is there okay Uranus provides

that unpredictability so it kind of

throws us out of whack and we make these

little spasm moments that we will just

do something out of the ordinary so

we'll have this like shock factor to us

so therefore we will go and do something

really out there so if you want to

attract an Aquarius female show that

maybe you are just like that that you're

okay with that joining her on whatever

it is that she wants to do or even if

you don't necessarily want to do it with

her show that your supportable this is

another way is to give her her space

okay I crayons are a little bit freedom

and they like to have their space they

like have their independence in their

lone time she also wants to know that

you're supportive of her being able to

have her own time her own space for

example I would travel off to other

countries while my ex-boyfriend would

stay at home I just want to travel on my

own and for me even if somebody can't do

it with me I'll just go and do it

another wise you attracted gross female

is to actually talk okay

and I mean properly talk talk about the

universe talk about aliens taco bite was

really going on in the world talk about

meaningful deep conversations really

soulful conversations show that sort of

intensity to your your conversation to

your intellect doesn't want to know just

to buy the spice superficial things I do

feel that with me I don't really party

in a lot of above the surface

conversations I prefer whenever I can

really truly discuss something in great

detail really get to the core of a

certain topic of course I will project

in sort of the norm and above the

service conversations because you have

to sometimes okay you have to but if you

really want to attract an Aquarius

female it's a bite just showing her that

it's not all it's not all about the

higher use and and did you watch this TV

drama last night or what did you have

for dinner last night it's it's more

than that just dive deeper into the

conversations with her and she may be

very impressed

astly another way in which you can

attract the Aquarius female is by trying

to not have these big emotional

outbursts okay Aquarians we are logical

people and I was very emotional people

it's the head that rules for heart a lot

of the times and so if there's it's a

really big ball like sense of drama on

fire and coming out of you we may just

shy away and not know how to control it

myself I do have an Aries Moon so I can

be I can be pretty impulsive and high

handle certain situations but at the

same time and I also can be like that

Aquarius as well it depends on your mind

so what I'll do is I'll just shut down

I'll just get the silent treatment and

I'll just just be thinking a button in

my head like how do I solve this harder

so is what I do what I do so if you come

at her and you're all emotional then she

might not find that very attractive so

what you got to do is to try and comment

her through that logical stats that

logical point of view and because for

her she's obviously logical and I kind

of said this in my Christ meal video and

so yeah what's her she's logical so

therefore if you come at it through a

morphological way they should go

understand that she's going to know how

to deal with that a lot better okay guys

so that concludes my video on how you

can attract yourself an Aquarius woman

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