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hi guys and welcome back to my channel

so in continuation with my hi to track

the zodiac sign series I am back here

yes because it is Aquarius season it's

going to be hi you get a dragged

yourself an Aquarius man before we get

into the ways and means which you can

attract yourself in Aquarius man it's

first good to look at the common traits

to come with the Aquarius energy so

aquariums are usually intellectual

people they're highly highly independent

people unpredictable to say the least

definitely unpredictable they are

extremely logical they tend to live in

their heads and quick-witted as well so

the be quite humorous that way and also

they can be quite charming and I would

say pretty pretty eccentric also what

you need to know about the Aquarius is

that because it is design of humanity

and for humanitarian sign Aquarians tend

to not be prejudiced people and there

are very much about equality freedom

justice rationality and if you come

across as someone who maybe isn't like


maybe so exfoliat by people and whatnot

and Aquarians they may not like that

all right so another out of the way one

of the ways in which you can attract

yourself an Aquarius man number one

thing about the Aquarius meal is that

they love electronic relationships like

to be just to be friends okay

friendships are so important to

Aquarians so if you think about it with

this - Aquarius okay Aquarius is all

about coming together it's about

connections is about sharing it's about

community so with the Aquarius energy

they sort of do it this high level

within friendship so with them they do

admire whenever they can be a loving

relationship on the friendship first so

being a friend first it's very important

so with that being said try not to jump

in headfirst BPH and hold back a little


course show me that you like them and

just by doing predator and then you

don't know it could it could potentially

lead to something more

of course I understand that being

friends with someone for so long and

then it's like come on I want more and I

know that can maybe be a little bit

annoying but I truly truly do believe

that the more that you show the Aquarius

meal that you care and that you're there

for them then the more I think the

lesser wolf side so let's a little guard

down a bit I like with the clients they

would tend to guard their heart now I

don't know of course how accurate that

is I do you think with capricorns they

tend to guard their heart as well but if

you think about it right get the

Capricorn it's row by Saturn and so

what's in love if you have your Venus in

Capricorn for example it's very

difficult for them to love their comes

to a stage where they just constantly

ask themselves why I keep getting hurt

why I keep getting hurt so because of

that they sort of are guarded they can

be for I go to people and I feel like

because of course Aquarius it's ruled by

Saturn on Uranus Saturn is still there

Saturn was that old the old planet not

did rule it solely just because now I

can't record is fully ruled by Saturn

it doesn't mean not the qualities and

the energies within Saturn is completely

gone from Aquarius because of that I do

think that they can regard the hearts as

well I truly do believe that a coins

want to love we like I am an Aquarius I

also have my Venus in Capricorn so you

know for me I do feel that there is this

it's difficult for me it's difficult for

me to express my feelings and my

emotions to people bye-bye how I feel

about them and i loving sense anyway I'm

just going to going on I'm just going to

going on just wait until he's ready just

be patient with the Aquarius mail

another way in which you can attract new

cars mail is by trying not to be overly

emotional with him oh you're not too

soon anyway

with I am okay they are logical people

they live in their heads so the emotion

is hard for

there their actions because through

emotion their actions are merely

a result of the logic of them

rationalizing everything they're always

rationalizing everything in their mind

so fine with the Aquarius is that this

constantly is going over overthinking

and overthinking so if you come at them

and you're highly emotional and you're

just like this mass of Tears and we're

angry or frustration I'm so powerful

they might find it just too much just a

little bit overbearing because they

don't know how and Allah if you think

about that if they're not emotional

highly emotional people if you can let

them in you're like that they don't know

how to handle it's not that they're

trying to be mean or rude or anything

it's just that they don't know what to

do so today I'm if you're trying to

attract them and get in a relationship

with them and I think to themselves I

don't know I don't think I could be with

this person because I don't want to

blowing up in my fears if I like

overcooked big dinner what I suggest you

kind of do is instead of coming across

as overemotional try to just talk about

it like come on it in a really rational

way and like a level grind I'd be like


Aquarius meal this is well I'll talk to

you but just show them that I wanna I

want to talk about this we don't have to

get all crazy

let's just talk logically and that way

you're getting it I but you're not being

highly emotional about it and then I

maybe see that he can handle this way

he's like right okay she's coming or

he's coming out me and a logical point

of view I can I can do that I can come

back without I know I know how to deal

with this also another way when she can

interact at a great meal and if you try

to keep it honest - it's okay as I said

a common trait is the unpredictability

and with them Uranus is their uranus

does that it's the Rosie acquires out of

sync and it just wants new things all

the time it's like right okay next thing

another idea

next thing another idea let's just keep

going to the next thing I want


I want imagination I want life to be

full of surprises and energy so show him

that your soul aside your soul

of brand new ideas and brand new way to

live it showing that you're quite

adventurous you're willing to try new


not you're eccentric try to keep them

guessing by getting him to gradually

discover new things about yourself sort

of said this within such tereus and that

video and not if your score is that sure

is you're like this is it my book is

open read every page here you go read it

such stars they will read it pretty fast

okay some other thing I think with

Aquarius is that if you just go right

here go with my life is my life so just

so like this is this looks like golf for

me my read volume to do you have a

series this or more you know how you

hear about relationships and what has to

happen is that the meal is whipped you

know that's saying goes your whip your

whip would it quick today I'm being wet

too maybe is not how they want to be

seen they like their independence they

like to know that they can go off and do

sort of what they want to do outside of

these sort of guidelines and boundaries

of a relationship I'll be free it's all

my freedom it's all about rebellion

within aquarius okay which is difficult

i think as well within relationships and

things because they want to go off and

do their own thing whereas if they're

with a sign or a person that doesn't

want that they're more homebodies such

as a concert such as even tourists that

can be difficult because you may find

the Aquarius may be watching a

television with another sign who's very

homebody and they're just sort of like

this is boring me can we just go out and

do something different try not to show

any signs if you may be wanting to time

gone if you do be tend to get into

relationship with I'm sure that enough

first incidence of attracting him that

you know you cool yeah come on you can

do I'm saying and do my own thing and

when we come together it's awesome last

but at least last way which you can

attract yourself in Aquarius mail is to

show your imaginative creative and

pretty inventive side I feel like


are very underrated in terms of the

creativity you think about it right

Aquarius is the opposite of Leo Leo rose

the hice which is associated with

creativity creativity is there but if

you haven't felt that so yes okay they

are opposites but there's still part of

that seam line and I feel like with the

crayons they can possess that creative

nature and in the fact that they're very

and inventive people and they come up

with all these amusing ideas so you get

that inventive side with the creative

side it just brings this really huge

sense of imagination to them so if you

show him that you're pretty eccentric

and you're pretty full of ideas and

you're willing to contribute to his

ideas and you sort of build on that like

you're building a little high so Foley's

amusing ideas then he he first find that

very attractive talk about great things

things with meaning things with then

things that are just doesn't aren't your

day-to-day things like what did you have

for dinner last night I was sure we can

I feel like a client's I can speak for

myself here is that we we want to know

about everything with that kind of

day-to-day minor stuff we can last a

little bit but when we go deeper into

the unknown into whatever it is that

could possibly be out there

we're very good at that we just sort of

follow the more intense side of

conversations okay guys that's including

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