10 Secrets To Make A Difficult Man Fall In Love

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ten secrets to make a difficult man fall

in love when a woman likes a man usually

before embarking on the conquest

analyzes him and tries to define how he

is in order to create a plan of attack

many women encounter men who are not

very open who do not like to talk about

themselves and little is known of them

making it difficult to approach if you

are wondering how to woo a difficult man

here are 10 secrets to implement now 1

do not push poor when you push you

simply push him away pushing means

looking at all costs to be with him even

though you are not requested instead of

having a conversation with him

questioning him men do not like to feel

harassed or you trying to get

information they do not want to give if

you push him he will walk away instead

of pushing poor when he talks to you let

him do so

show yourself interested and respectful

on what he shares with you do not be

tempted to question him simply allow him

to go the farthest he can usually when a

man feels hurt and respected starts to

know of the God and wants to spend more

time with you to make him feel


respect him at all times he does not

like you to judge him or give him

unsolicited advice he just wants to talk

and feel understood do not try to be his

mother to tell him what he should or

should not do never give him an advice

he doesn't ask 3 too much attention

many women show themselves too cute and

attentive to the man who attracts them

this also pushed him away because you

are showing signs of wanting a

relationship with him as soon as

possible even without knowing him well

he wants you to love him for who he is

not because you want to get a boyfriend

for discreet do not give signals that

shout I love you and would do anything

to be by your side this alienates anyone

a man does not know what to expect from

a woman that gives persistent signs of

wanting something with him generally

they think they are easy girls who

behave like this with anyone 5 queen of

mystery do not tell him on the first

date all your life childhood traumas and

innermost secrets

men do like mystery and themselves go

revealing the mysteries of your life and

heart let him do his job before baring

your soul know him better to know if he

is worthy to know your secrets this way

you will keep him interested six what he

sees in your clothes when you show

yourself too provocative in the way you

dress instead of thinking how beautiful

you are he may be thinking that you're

an easy girl and you go to bed with any

man who pays you a little bit of

attention be careful how you dress and

what your clothes say about you seven be

interesting nothing sexier than an

intelligent person be interesting in

your talk not trying to impress a woman

who has the ability to talk about

different topics is a magnet to any man

because he knows he will never get bored

with her 8 you are the most important

before all a good deal of dignity and

respect for yourself if a man despises

you and somehow disrespects you does not

worth to love him the first love you

should have in life is for yourself

never let someone step on your dignity 9

you are what you think of yourself if

you think you are a beautiful woman

inside and out you deserve to be loved

cared for and respected that is what you

transmit the way you treat yourself you

will be treated to love a man first you

have to fall in love with yourself 10

attitude tons of attitude self-esteem

and confidence in yourself the girl with

attitude not only conquers a difficult

man she can also conquer the world to

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