How To Impress American Girls? High School Life USA #AskKids Ep1

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hey guys this is her nose hey introduce

yourself No please could it be deal yeah

okay good

so meet my cousins by the way yeah jazz

nice to meet you yeah so they are from

high schools in America and I graduated

from my Indian high school three years

ago and I graduated from my undergrad

degree five weeks ago so this video is

going to be a Q&A about American high

schools so let's get started so the

first question we got is can you please

share your thoughts about impressing

American girls I'm just stupid question

we're skipping this one no we're not I'm

gonna answer this one you can blow my

god American girls um literally why is

this even a question just like how do

you impress an Indian girl you're nice

to her

you're kind you look good you knew oh

you opened the door for her when you're

walking out like it's the same thing

you're respectful yeah

so basically American and Indian girls

are exactly same it's just according to

the culture and surroundings they change

themselves that's what I think if an

Indian girl will come to America she

would be pretty much the same she might

be extremely like flabbergasted by a

house some of us actually she's never

been exposed to an environment that

we've been exposed to but like so but

other than that it should be fine

absolutely yep so moving on next

question is is high school do people

smoke in bathroom stalls or do drugs as

they portray on series yes though vape

no people do more than just vaping in a

sausage man oh my god is that true yes

oh my god

don't worry though the tobacco free zone

is PD a common in middle school

yeah pa pa is that the some kind of

weird drug enforcement administration no

it's public disclosure of love and

affection oh yeah that okay

probably at school no no he's lying he's

lying if that's not true

maybe maybe is maybe it is no it is not

true but it's super common in high

schools right but sometimes great does

it start nine ten eleven twelve yeah it

was awesome oh great this American high

school same as the one showed in the

movies like 13 reasons why and also in

sex education TV so here's the thing I

haven't actually seen sex education so I

couldn't actually make a objectified

answer to that however I have seen 13

reasons why I love that show by the way

but and I would say I guess like it we

have lockers and that's kind of the way

people act when a female commits suicide

somewhat why is jazz be making that he's

making your face so what do you think

eat Lea wrong because it'll be different

anywhere you go how can you just put a

model for every single high school no

and willing to bet that like one or two

high schools actually follow the same

method that that their key reasons why

does let's be honest here that shows

Soldier mass sighs no one is like that

sure like two people are actually like

that but no it's not a thing that it

doesn't affect everyone's lives to that

extent I mean it's a general idea of

high school no it's not I mean okay

so I just dream I mean okay they have

classes they have they have classes they

have periods that they have bells they

have school buses it really basically is

high schools low that is not but that's

just it yes the students in the high

school they're stunned um and statically

but that's basically that's like the

format of high school if you had me take

a tour of my old high school it kind of

the 13 reasons why I'll be on I don't

think the question was do or I'll talk

do you guys actually of buses you guys

have I've taught you drew your backpacks

on the poor kids I'm pretty sure that's

not what the question was I'm pretty

sure he's asking about the people and

the questions and the culture I mean at

the same time it kind of is I mean the

people are not saying how can we agree

to disagree

moving on so how much does it cost you

go to an American high school so I think

it's free but can you please tell us how

about your opinion well public in its

facts your dollars except there are some

donations you can make besides that

taxes ya pay taxes so I don't agree with

that because for some reason this dude

is forgetting about the fact that we had

to pay for clubs we have to pay for we

have to pay fines no you don't have to

pay well you you you forgetting you

forget books well you do look so sweet

yeah but if you want to get right from

Amazon you know if a library the idea of

a library is that you borrow a book and

you have to return it within a certain

time period and if you don't you're fine

but you don't have to get a book at the

first things you don't need to do okay

what am i printer

what about printing you can't have a

printer at home yeah like that worked

that's so easy what is awesome our

printer broke our new printer this one

the good quality one ones that is broke

exactly okay once again there are two

types of high schools private and public

you have to pay for private but you

don't have to pay off of the cases the

amount is deducted from your taxes that

you pay here that's how everyone private

schools don't Henty actually be as good

of quality there could be lots more so

yeah unless you're going to religious

school private schools are not the way

to go exactly but mostly many many

Americans choose public schools they're

good enough but you have to check the

ranking and choose the locality you have

to choose the house based on what school

you want to go to because where you live

depends on your school your taxes go

into that school correct so the house

will be expensive the school near that

house is yeah yes so moving on did you

guys face any bullying in high school

I mean not in high school or in middle

school or in elementary school well okay

middle school yes a lot no non middle in

elementary school yes a lot like there

was this girl who I don't even remember

her face or what she sounded like which

I still remember the thing she said to

me and it kind of it does still hurt

even to this day so okay so did you did

you face anything different being Indian

in American schools like or like like

the racism and etc like they treated you

differently because you weren't white or

you weren't American other than the

jokes that we made ourselves no one

would ever single us out for being

Indian actually that's not true

we're not in a high school but when I

was learning how to drive our driver

instructor called me a brown folk oh

okay yeah he was an old white man and I

when I was telling and I when I was

talking to him and then he's like I

don't know how you brown folk do it but

etc etc and I'm just like oh that you

never you don't say that not even a

joking manner like in a joking man in a

joking manner you would people would

tell me to go back to go back to my

to my country or make fun of the fact I

can't speak Hindi but I've never been

called brown until that moment cuz that

was extremely racist yeah would you like

to study in Indian college after going

to high school in America no no you I'll

be honest I would not because I was

growing up here I was born here and most

of my customs are from here I feel like

I would not adapt to an Indian college

so quickly I wouldn't so what about for

an exchange semester thank you for an

exchange semester I would not be against

the idea if it prevent if it prevented

me from graduation graduating faster

than you normal then yes I would be

against the idea I mean they're only

reason I would go to

a foreign exchange program is because if

that exchange program would help me in

my actual career and I don't see going

to college in India helping me in my


okay so what are you finding to study in

future urban planning or chemistry no

pretty cool as you know in America you

can gain a degree in other careers that

are not conventional such as getting a

degree in music and culture and other

things like that

there are a lot of things you can do

with a music degree yeah so what there's

a lot of specific degrees within the

music theory you got the performance

arts for every instrument you get you

get performance arts not degree there's

teaching degrees there's and just music

design degrees composing degrees and

some couples gonna make a lot of money


and you can also gain a degree at elite

like they did it like prison therapy

rated stuff they want and not you

there's not conventional in India like

in doctors engineers so it's it's

unconventional for us so what's your

opinion about these degrees and how can

someone good salaries a person from

America can launch himself in for being

a physical therapist I'm willing to bet

you can make a decent amount of money

I'm not sure but music it depends on

what specific degree if Danny

performance art major it depends on the

instrument like if you're doing a key

phone iam you're not gonna make that

much money but if I doing an oboe you're

you're pretty much set to make a ton of

money but as long as you enjoy working

on it I think that's you should be happy

will be able to live off your salary

when it's good amazing and what about

the drug culture in high schools it

exists but like he's probably just

everywhere gosh wow you know this was a

Q&A for me what have I did I didn't he

become a part of this because I actually

know he answer these questions and

she doesn't think that's a problem yes


so now tell us about your voice

experiences in Indian American high

schools yeah I think my worst experience

was when I was sitting in the classroom

alone oh that could and that

literally is my worst oh and I can't got

into an argument with a teacher that's

also a bad expose about experience for

me but other than that not really I

think I have one you psyche you just go

and they forget it

just for you you don't want to just

remember things you don't want to

remember the bad times only remember

that time correct I didn't get

everything yeah forget all the bad stuff

it's much easier to live that way now

last question that is like about

detentions because personally in high

end in high schools you get like

different kinds of punishments but you

get detention so your experience about

detentions I never gone on attention

detention you know amazing not that

common honestly she's pretty know if you

don't do anything wrong it's not that

common no I mean if you do stuff wrong

it's still rare for you to get a

detention because you had to be kind of

crying or do something really bad in

order to get a detention I see but it

doesn't work I'll say what's detention

gonna do make them make you realize how

the behavior is bad it's honestly not

much of school candy so I understand why

they're doing it but I believe that they

should school should be allowed to do

something look much worse intention I

believe it's okay to lock the kid up in

the school for hours think about it they

would not do that the same thing again

they would not be able to eat they will

not be able intention but he is going

stream okay let me just say little

anyway here's are you doing you made me

I said something really hard right think

about it the idea of detention this is I

this is the

ye'll punishment for getting someone not

to do something should we do it probably

not but it is the ideal version to

something to do think about it if the

kid is repeatedly doing something again

and again and again intentions aren't

helping first parents when I stops up

and the parents aren't doing anything

then I think it's it's down before the

schools start doing action question

that's the idea

maybe baby locking the cabinet ruins I'm

starv not a good idea but lately

bye-bye plan one my idea is that the

school's feel to do something really

drastic okay see you wait here that it

is that statement to bring you in now

you're listening yeah I'm listening but

not experience your intention experience

and anyway like this video if you agree

with me it's like if you don't know just

like this move on just about your

experience okay um my experience of

detentions is none of the above because

I've never had one but I've seen people

get them and honestly what the wage as

describing it like this engine is just

sitting in a room

ah no detention for many teachers is

making the kid do work or a teacher

talking room or the teacher talks to the

kid yeah

while they're doing while they're doing

work or work or arranging desks and

stuff that's what the tension written

Wow you see how those punches aren't

anything Wow we have to do a work oh my

god not like a punishment they're not

yeah a punishment okay here's the

punishment you have to read one page of

this book here's your punishment read

one page technically a punishment is a

good punishment no okay what is the

puppet gasps do you know understand what

positive and negative reinforcement is I


yeah if someone gives it attention and

find it super unpleasant they're most

likely not going to repeat the behavior

again I think they will even if they

find unpleasant you guys think about

this like a line not like a yes-or-no

thing it's a line okay

there's something it's a net value

Johnny it's the net value

gosh sure Mac you feel a little bit

unpleasant but doing that bad thing

thank you so much you're sitting guy I

met Wally this is like this far

No so what we want you will expect one

kids to we whipped in there in classes

but I said no okay I said that schools

should be able to do something much more

drastic okay parents are unable to

control the child it should be why

should my learning experience be suffer

because kids okay that's enough

detention but because I feel I've just

felt like I'm in attention so that's

pretty much it so thank you so much for

watching and we will see you guys in the

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