Can You Date the Celebrity You Like? Yes, Here's How...

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can you date a celebrity you like yes

this is not a dating advice video a long

time ago a person in men sutras Facebook

group asked a question can I date or

marry then he named a female celebrity

in the comments he was fast basically

made fun of people called him an idiot

and crazy gave several theories about

dating habits of celebrities as if they

knew them personally and told him to

forget it

this taught me a few things you have in

your mind categorize yourself as

ordinary to the limit that you have

accepted that you will never be powerful

enough and in the same mind there's

another category of people will always

be above you bigger than you thought you

have accepted you will never meet nor

become celebrities are one such example

my question to you is how did you come

to this conclusion about yourself and

people what kind of brainwashing has

been done to you or what sort of

personal enlightenment you're yet to

have celebrities are people just like

you those models or actors you have a

crush on are like girls around you they

have the same feelings same expectations

same biological Constitution belong to

the same species as you have a brain

that revolves around similar hot

structure as you have same needs desires

ambitions that all humans experience

differently point me to the thing the

reason that separates them from you in

any respect is it part money pain you

can get power money fame - all you need

is to want it the reason is you don't

believe in your heart then you can ever

be there what is there we live in a

world of different socio-economic layers

they exist in a layer which is on top

you exist way below you because of these

layers interact with people and are able

to meet people from the same layer as

yours and when you make a chunk when you

start financially growing you are

introduced to new people from the upper

layers you have moved into you are

introduced to a new lifestyles and

improvements in clothing and upgrade in

things you own and automatically you

start adjusting yourself to these

requirements accordingly people do this

all the time I'm sure you have seen

people moving into bigger apartments

buying cars and clothes because the new

lifestyle demands their new friends have

it so it is not that you

to be stuck in the same a salon or layer

you're working super hard to move up but

you simply have accepted that there's no

way you'd ever reach the top echelon

where the world's most powerful famous

and the rich exist that this belief is

yours it is not impossible you either

simply don't want to work that hard you

don't have an idea that will launch you

there or you don't believe in yourself

at all so again don't and never tell

others that they can't do it because you

lack the tribe it is very much possible

now let's look at it from the point of

view of these female celebrities they

marry guys out of show business all the

time plenty of indian actresses are

either married to or dating businessmen

who aren't famous if you read up on

these guys you'd realize plenty of them

are self-made so they were guys who once

had a crush on these celebs just like

you but they broke the barriers and

enter the top layer where they finally

achieved access to these people they met

and were able to squeeze out a day just

like guys around you do it with girls

you meet and see every day but if you

expect that these celebrities would date

a person from your lair it is not going

to happen because there is no bridge

that connects the two layers you're

never going to meet them and vice versa

your layer gives you access to places

hangout spots where you will meet people

from the same layer maybe two layers

above you the layered xi gives them

access to places where they can only

meet people from the same layer they are

famous they can't just walk around but

that doesn't mean they are different

from the girls around you the difference

is in the venue's what you deprived of

because of the layer you live in is

access to the opportunity of having a

conversation with them and ask them out

that's it become a multi-millionaire and

you will get that access after that all

depends on how strong your game is the

purpose of this video is not that you

should date celebrities it is to open

the restricted mind to possibilities the

reason why you can't be with celebrities

is not because they want or you're

nothing or you're not deserving screw

this self-deprecating it is because

you are not there you want to get there

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