How To Attract Older Women | 3 Tips To Attract Her!

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how to get an older woman this video is

particularly for you men they're asking

for advice on how to attract older women

I know that you in particular the people

that have requested me to do this about

younger women and older women I have two

videos that will be coming out in this

particular video we are talking about

men who want to attract older women I'll

put some here in the cards as well so

let's get started the one thing I just

want to make sure that you understand

when it comes to attracting older women

is not that you particularly try to be

someone you're not what I see a lot of

men doing is they try to put on this

whole facade on what they think that

this older woman wants and when this

happens you come off inauthentic very

basically and the woman is a lot more

sometimes a lot more mature and she

understands how to sometimes read men

because obviously she has had experience

and has experienced growth in her life

that it sort of puts her off right so if

you've experienced this this is probably

why so I want to ask you if you are

someone that likes older women and you

put up this facade how has that worked

out for you in the past so in this video

particularly I'm gonna give you three

tips on what to do that is kind of so so

important when you want to attract older

women now tip number one is do not fake

your youthfulness this is so important


an older woman is going to be attracted

to your youthfulness what you bring to

the table the aliveness the adrenaline

the hue as a person you as a younger

person just because you're younger and

you're more youthful doesn't mean that

you have to act older in order to get

this woman a woman that's going to be

attracted to you that is older is going

to enjoy your youthfulness now there is

a difference between immaturity and a

difference between a youthfulness okay

youthfulness is when you come from a

place of you want to have fun you're

witty you're a breath of fresh air to

her and you keep her on her toes and you

do new and exciting things that she's

probably never

before or even done before and you bring

a new light to this whole dating aspect

or the relation aspect of her world

which increases attraction so that's why

I started this video with this because a

lot of men tend to do opposite and not

and and cover up their basically their

youthfulness when this is something that

you need to expose which leads me in to

tip number two don't get your

youthfulness mistaken for immaturity

immaturity stems from a place of you not

knowing who you are you having a lack of

respect possibly for her you not being

an observer of this mulish emotional

intelligence is what I call it but it

really comes down to human interactions

and human behaviors I've seen older

woman also come to me and complain you

know I really like this guy he's younger

than me but when we're in a social

setting he doesn't understand the

boundaries of what he says and how he

brews it and how he respects others and

we're not just here talking to his

friends we're here talking to my

colleagues and things like that so this

is what comes down that's why I say

human behaviors and emotional

intelligence is because you have to be

aware immaturity shows in mature

situations right so let's just say for

example I'm gonna give you an example

she takes you out to an event for with

her coworkers and you treat her

coworkers as if you were just got out of

a college frat house and you're talking

to them this is not something that is

going to show her that she should be

actively involved in pursue a

relationship with you because this is

where the immaturity lies immaturity

also comes from foul behavior meaning

transition from the both of you is

saying you know I want to do this and

then you do one thing and you do another

thing women that are older are really

going to pay attention to your to your

words into your actions that you're

delivering to them in a relationship or

when you're dating so this is the

difference between the immaturity and

the usefulness and then looting to tip

number three tip number three is is

fulfill her fantasies okay so many men

again of what I was talking about in tip

number one is a woman just because she's

older doesn't have fantasies and this is

sexually or non sexually this is where

you can really show up and show her who

you are and

really get her thinking about you really

non-stop and also attracted to you on

another level youthfulness is a

beautiful thing to an older woman

because of the fact that you can fulfill

her fantasies you know it's funny

because women and particularly actually

have us somewhat of a higher sex drive

when they get older and it's actually a

little bit opposite for men but I don't

really own particular 100% believe this

but this is what they say right so what

I'm saying here and the reason why I

bring this up is because fulfilling her

fantasies as an older woman is going to

be so attractive as you as a younger man

being youthful because this is where you

can show up sexually in bed and also you

can show up as a man that can deliver

and that can keep going basically and

this is something that will attract her

to you but also showing you up as you is

so important so the takeaway from this

video on what not to do is be

inauthentic and not think that and think

that you can date an older woman without

knowing you as a person you as a man

because older woman are attracted to a

man on a purpose a man on what self

respect and a man who knows himself if

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you dated older woman and what do you

think about this topic I know it was a

requested topic so for those of you that

have been requesting it for a very long

time I'm so glad I was able to do this

for you as always I'll see you again in

the next video and remember you are

always loved bye for now