Dating: Where Can I Find An Attractive Older Man?

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hi I'm dating coach Jeff and mark cats

with ask your tango answering your love

and relationship questions today's

question is from now or never

how do you meet an attractive older man

I'm an attractive active 60 year old

woman the more I date the more it seems

that the men my age are either only

interested in younger women or they're

old and in bad shape and can't keep up

with me how can I meet men who are

comfortable with who they are and also

living an active healthy lifestyle while

embracing their golden years hey Now or


I'm really really sympathetic to where

you're coming from

it is it's not just in your mind it is

more difficult for older women to date

if only because of basic supply and

demand the number of available men over

the age of 65 to women is about I think

1 to 3 so it is difficult it is an

uphill climb and that's not just

something that's in your head understand

that every client I've ever worked with

and most of my clients are women over

the age of 40 all of them feel young for

their age all of them feel like an

exception to the rule and I'm not here

to tell you that you're any different I

just want to point out to you that if

you feel like you're an exception to the

rule then there's a man who's just like

you out there who feels like an

exception to the rule as well and since

you can't legislate what other people

want you do make a great point that's a

successful and lively older man is going

to feel entitled to and attracted to a

woman who's younger if he can get her

but the wise ones who understand that

women their age could be active and

lively and really be great catches

themselves that's really your target

market it's not to try to convince one

of those guys to go for an older woman

it's really to find a man who's just

like you out there and if you get online

and market yourself appropriately you'll

be able to attract more men and

higher-quality men the kind that really

are your equals and peers for you know

to spend your golden years so I just

want you to know there is hope it

happens with my clients all the time