How to Seduce an Older Woman Regardless of Your Age With Ease

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how to seduce an older woman regardless

of your age there are a few key

differences between younger and older

women understanding these could be the

difference between success and failure

I'm Melanie and today we're going to

cover some simple tips to seduce an

older woman the best part is you can

apply these tips regardless of how old

you are since we're talking about

seducing older women the focus is

entirely on what they're looking for and

what they expect from you if you like

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older women don't play games this is

something we find to be consistent

across the board the first couple of

times it can be jarring but it's

actually a positive thing you always

know where you stand and she'll make

sure you know what she wants older women

tend to be much more comfortable with

their sexuality than their younger

counterparts it's important to remember

this because if you try to play games

with her it's going to end badly more

often than not she'll see where it's

going and openly call you on it instead

take it as an invitation to be just as

open with her it's refreshing naturally

you want to stay classy but you can do

away with the subdue hence no need to

drop hints and hope she picks up on them

all the women are more sophisticated

they aren't as interested in lengthy

conversations about sports and pop

culture as younger women maybe that

doesn't mean you need to pretend you're

not into fine wine and abstract art stay

true to who you are but understand she's

more interested in discussing what

you're passionate about

she probably spends most of her time

around men her age who have settled down

with the family they may have that level

of sophistication she's used to but not

the passion or enthusiasm of a younger

man that's your cue meaningful

conversation is going to go so much

further to building rapport your

enthusiasm will show through early on

and the conversation will take care of


older women expect a man to know what

he's doing from the first date

to the bedroom she wants a confident and

decisive man this doesn't mean she

necessarily wants the old-fashioned male

stereotype you don't need to coddle her

and be the man instead she wants the

month that's confident in himself and

comfortable with making decisions

if you seem unsure of yourself or maybe

a little insecure this could be a pretty

big turn-off

while she may care about you she isn't

really interested in nursing your

insecurities all night this is even more

true in the bedroom she is going to be

very conscious of the signal she's

giving off if the night ends with both

of you in the bedroom

together now is not the time to hesitate

take charge and escalate don't sit back

just in case she isn't ready if you feel

you might struggle with this try to plan

things ahead a little if you're at a bar

together and you know it's going to wind

down soon have a couple of options lined

up if you're out to dinner but want to

go do something else after have some

options in mind this way when it comes

time to leave the bar or restaurant you

can be that much more decisive no

successful dating story ever involved 20

minutes of standing on the curb thinking

of somewhere to go especially not as a

younger man with an older woman little

things like this can go a long way to

giving her the experience she's looking

for over time you get better at it too

don't think of it as changing who you

are instead you're just improving your

abilities and it will be appreciated

there you have it a few simple things to

keep in mind to seduce an older woman

older women are more confident more

sexually skilled and more interesting

than younger women of course with those

differences come different expectations

a younger man has a lot to offer an

older woman but only if he understands

what she wants use the mindsets and

strategies we've outlined to turn these

interactions into satisfying stories of

seduction there we have it some proven

tips you can put into action today if

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