Tips for Dicks - How to Flirt with a Woman Over Forty

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It's gonna be funny. How to flirt with a woman over 40. [background laughter]

How to flirt with women over 40. Well the first thing you need to know is that it's the same as flirting

with younger women. Yeah, our parts are sagging a little, and sometimes we're a

little bitter and jaded, but, it's the same deal. So what you want to do is, one,

make eye contact. So I wouldn't use the prolonged eye contact because that's a

little creepy stalkery. But if you're interested in a woman, like say in a

coffee shop, let her know that you're looking at her by looking at her

frequently enough. You might want to smile, uh, you could give a head nod, or

wave, hi! Another thing you can do is make a joke. Make sure it's not a naughty

joke because then she'll just, again, think you're creepy. I got this other

idea from Wing Girl which, okay well anyways, it was good anyway. Acknowledge,

observe, and ask. So you know you're going to sort make that acknowledgement of her,

you've either smiled or said hello, or you've made eye contact or whatever it

is if you're in proximity you're gonna ask. Instead of saying, hey do you come here

often, you might say, this is my favourite place for for an Americano. Don't say

cheesy like that though... What's your favourite beverage. So something like that

and again feel free to compliment, stay out of the T and A zone. Not good, not good.