4 Ways To Impress A Woman

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four ways to impress a woman learning to

work with our own strengths make these

five tips to impress a woman a success

keep watching to learn more 1 look her

in the eyes when a woman is beautiful it

is tempting to look at her from head to

toe but watch out that is the most

common mistake everyone makes at least

when they realize it - take care of your

shave facial hair can be a problem when

it is not well taken care of remember

that if you do not have a well taken

care beard it is better to be well

shaved before embarking on a plan of

conquest with the girls you could give

the impression of being a teenager and

boycott your own plans 3 help her with

her coat one of the easiest ways to

please a woman is to be a gentleman so

we must resort a little just a little to

the customs that our parents and

grandparents hadn't to be considered

with minimal things like helping her

with her coat for example for socialize

with her friends before you get to date

a women surely we already analyzed her

way of being and acting with the rest as

well as her appearance and way of

thinking of basic things what makes you

think she does not want the same thing

before saying yes let's go the ladies

are going to take their time to think

who is this guy and what exactly he is

looking for to answer them without

waiting for the question which they will

never make it is best to share and

develop in their own circle of

friendship be integrated into her social

network is not a bad idea because

today's women are looking for modern and

social men people who are not afraid to

start conversations and to share with

all the friends they have without making

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