How to attract younger women

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hey guys it's me Kezia the world's

leading female a dating expert for men

now I get a lot of emails from older

guys asking me how they can attract

younger women without coming across as

sleazy or creepy so if you're an older

guy and you want to learn how to attract

younger women then pay close attention

to this video because I'm going to show

you exactly how now firstly other guys

who are not very good at attracting

younger women are actually unaware that

they possess the characteristics and

traits that women find attractive in men

they actually possess these naturally

through age such as experience a

character that will have more substance

and depth due to life experiences a

greater understanding of who they are

composure and general confidence now the

older guys who are really good at

attracting younger women are very aware

that they have these characteristics and

traits that women are naturally very

attracted to and this actually will come

out in their interactions of women they

were automatically because of this

awareness they will automatically

display a lot more high value again very

attractive they don't see their age as a

problem they see as a plus they see that

the woman that they're talking to is

very fortunate for having the

opportunity to get involved with an

older guy rather than a young guy who

won't have as much experience as him as

wisdom or confidence now it might sound

really arrogant and it is but older guys

get away with this on younger guys it

looks a little bit cocky but on older

guys it is actually quite attractive an

older guy who's kind of shy and unsure

about himself huge turnoff but the ones

that are slightly arrogant and they know

that they've they've got this kind of

gift and they've got something different

from the younger guys around them it

shines through and it's an extremely

extremely attractive quality even though

our skulls don't want it to be

attractive it is so the problems begin

when older guys try to act like younger

guys so they might start being a bit

goofy around girls intentionally goofy

they might try and prove that they have

vast knowledge of whatever's current and

popular culture and I always find that

that comes across really awkward it's a

bit like you know that teacher that we

all had that try to be called the kids

awkward and very unappealing so a lot of

older guys are trying to do this they're

trying to be that young guy again that

they used to be when it just is totally

unappealing remember if you're an older

guy you've done that you've been there

done that got the t-shirt use that to

your advantage that kind of blase yep

done it already what's new come on

impress me tell me something I don't

know that kind of attitude goes down

very well with older guys so don't try

and act like the young guys around her

she has a lot to choose from and they

have their own virtues they have their

own style of game just like you did once

your game has evolved since then it's

actually become a lot stronger so

embrace that rather than doing what all

the younger guys are doing around her

okay now point I want to make I tend to

go for guys my age group or younger than

me but I have been very attracted to

older guys which proves again that game

is a lot stronger than what our initial

types are I also have female friends

that are very very attracted to older

men much more than younger guys and

guess what

they don't have any daddy issues a lot

of guys will put it down to the fact

that these girls have daddy issues and

believe me the friends that I know that

go for these older guys don't have any

issues of their daddy they have for lack

of a better expression kind of normal

family backgrounds good healthy

relationships with their fathers they're

actually just attracted to these guys as

I was saying before because these guys

are not being dopey they're not being

silly and infantile

that actually just very very aware that

their quality

these are naturally very attractive to

women and draw women in in themselves

they don't even have to actually do much

on top of that so now I want to look at

some of the confrontations that you

might face for instance if a girl says

to you you're too old for me I don't

want you coming back with something like

hey baby I'm like a fine wine I get

better with age or age is just a number

or hey I've got more experience than

these younger guys you don't know what

you're missing I'm better in bed etc I

don't want any of these old chestnuts I

don't want any of these kind of

responses because believe me she's heard

them before and she has a very good

response back to them plus it makes you

sound desperate and like you're trying

to prove yourself one of the best things

that you can say to a girl this is what

I give a lot of my older students and

they said it's worked for them a lot is

this in a very calm manner the little

smile on your face just say to her it's

not a question of difference in our age

it's a question of whether or not you're

mature enough to become involved with me

this actually forces the girl to think a

little bit it disturbs the pattern and

it actually stops her from coming back

with something rude and it effectively

shows your maturity and her immaturity

but my favorite one if a girl says to

you how old you in a really precautious

tone rather than saying why don't you

guess or I'm as young as I feel I want

you to say to her

old enough to be your father what are

you doing out so late this sounds really

counterproductive I'm fully aware of

that but the results are incredible let

me explain why this is a really good

response to her statement first of all

what you're doing is you are taking that

potentially very sour moment in the

interruption and flipping it and turning

it into something a lot more positive a

lot more lighthearted

secondly you're breaking patterns she

can't come back with anything when

you've said that and third you're

showing her that you've got a great

of humor but the best part of all is

that you're initiating those steps those

steps that will lead you to your

ultimate goal which is actually to

present yourself as a challenge so I've

seen a lot of older guys talk to younger

girls use that line within ten minutes

the girl is proving herself to him she's

trying to get into his reality he's not

trying to get into her she's trying to

prove that yes she can handle an older

guy yes she is mature enough yes she is

kind of sick of all these young guys

around her the other thing though is the

whole idea of your reality this is

something that I really really can't

stress to you enough you are not trying

to get into reality you're not trying to

be one of the cool kids you're not

trying to be young again or anything

like that

you have got your reality you've got

wisdom you've got experience you've

probably got a richer life in many ways

does she want to be part of it can she

be part of it can she actually live up

to your ideals this is where the older

guy he can demonstrate value a lot more

easily it's a lot more congruent with

his personality so this is something you

really need to capitalize on so coming

back with this funny kind of response

which actually may be exaggerated your

age even more the age difference can

really work in your favor but just

remember does she want to be part of

your reality don't be trying to get into

her one so whether you're young or old

remember always use your age as an

advantage don't try and be a completely

different age group girls can see it and

it turns them off be proud of your age

capitalize on it and you'll see the

differences in the responses that you

get from women and one last thing that I

want to leave you with and this is going

to sound like a very extreme example but

whose most attractive older guy out

there and there's quite a few by the way

but it is James Bond

now James Bond can you ever imagine him

being played by a guy who's under the

age of 40 they never have and hopefully

they never will cast a younger guy to


James Bond imagine James Bond being

played by a thirty year old or 25 year

old he would just come across really

cocky rather than having that kind of

smooth confidence so keep that in mind

and I can give you a list of other older

guys and roles in films that are played

by older guys which would never ever be

as appealing if it was played by a

younger guy so remember don't let your

age be an issue whether you're young or

old and use it instead to your advantage

guys I hope you enjoyed this video

remember to check out my web site edition

he guides us meet here the world's

leading female dating expert for men and

today I have with me Chris Thank You

Kazuya Chris has just finished the

seven-day pickup mastering course so

this is a really interesting video

testimonial I want to talk a little bit

about your sticking points but if you

don't mind I'd like to go first

yes okay fine um so Chris is 54 years

old and his main sticking point was fear

of coming across as creepy or sleazy

because of his age and win a few email

exchanges before he actually started the

seventh day course and it took some

convincing I had to convince you that

look your age is nothing your color your

age your background how much money you

earn doesn't make a difference I've

always said that game is much stronger

than type we teach you game so yeah

maybe you talk to a girl this week and

she was like I prefer younger guys

instantly however as you know you carry

on plowing and you realize gain and what

we taught you was a lot stronger

initially what she desires so he prefers

Chris prefers 25 year old beautiful

girls I mean he's not looking for women

his age and I promised you didn't I I

said I would me and my team would show

you how to attract these beautiful women

the age you want without coming across

once Creek or sleazy or even spending a

single penny on them okay so why don't

you go and explain about your sticking

points and how we helped you overcome

them and the incredible results you

received approach anxiety was of course

the number one sticking point for

anybody I don't care what anybody says

and because your inner trainers have

been able to frame it for me how to

approach a woman with confidence or at

least the appearance of confidence but

once you appreciate that it is more to

do with self-confidence

unless with male model good looks that

certainly both bolsters your ego

okay so let's talk a little bit about

the results you receive let's talk about

that girl that night and how you got to

sleep with her

so quickly out of all three hours and

she's gorgeous and I love to mention

that um so ain't no one knows who she is

we don't film them just tell me a little

bit about the techniques who's your

instructor that you had that night

there's a little bit about it the

instructor was this young guy named

Simon Liu what he doesn't know about

night game basically I don't think he's

worth knowing I was well I must admit

petrified with nerves before I

approached her I was petrified with us

before I approached quite a few girls

and I put by using my teeth proceeding

with all the routines and they set

appearance of self-confidence and

everything and I surprised myself in the

end it was terrifying to think that I

made it that far but you had a good

night I've heard a lot worse you heard

she was a real beauty how old was she 25

26 she's a bit over the age wasn't she

she's not winning name she might have

been economical with the truth but yes

she was still younger than I had any

right to expect okay so you've got a lot

of telephone numbers from this week oh

yes and you have a lot of dates light up

with beautiful young girls did use I'm

sure a lot of people are skeptics up

high were saying oh it's because he

spent money on them did you spend any

apartment buy one drink did you spend

anybody ubaidah gifts or anything like

that I tried to cut down spending money

because I know how expensive London is

especially nightclubs I mean I could

survive for a month of the money you

spend on beer so if anything I was

trying to spend less money so perfect

economically this makes sense London

good to mention here anyone that's

thinking of coming on the seven day

course London has every kind of woman so

a lot of cities have beautiful women but

it's one particular type of woman London

had Russian girls Brazilian girls

French girls German English black white

Chinese Japanese did you did you like

that kind of element yes it was quite an

intriguing mixture because you could

find new things to talk about it was

almost a really funny finally heard an

English voice yeah

okay brilliant so I want to say thank

you so much we're so proud of you we are

so proud of you okay so seriously anyone

is even thinking about doing this course

what is your message to them it can look

daunting books grit your teeth and go

through it and you'll be surprised with

what you find out that other boot camp I

would recommend either of them