How To Impress A Girl in 5 Easy Steps

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you know it's not about how much money

you have it's not about how good-looking

you are it's not even about how cool

your job is or what kind of car you

drive women may notice some of those

things but ultimately that is not what's

going to impress them

hey this is Carlos zoom I hear and I'm

going to talk to you today a little bit

about how to impress a girl and how to

do it right and not get caught up in

some of the traps that a lot of the

other guys out there do so but you got

an understand is that what will really

impress a woman are your actions not

your things not the stuff you have

it's the intangibles that ultimately

make a difference in how women look at

you in fact women are programmed to look

for certain behaviors in men these are

certain secret attraction triggers no

here's a few areas that you can focus on

if you want to learn how to impress a


first of all manners it just doesn't

take any money just a little bit of

thinking you know good manners are a

great way to make yourself classier and

a great way of showing that you know how

to impress a girl now by manners I don't

mean that you kiss her but I mean that

you do the the chivalrous things that

impress a woman that show that you're

considering her it's called being

considerate few men that I know have

these types of manners and this is the

really important thing here is I had a

friend who must have dated a bunch of

losers before she met her husband she

was beautiful and she was a real catch

but it made me a bit sad that she was so

impressed that the guy basically just

opened doors for her and he had great

manners because so few men have these

type of manners that really made an

impression on her so if you don't

already do this you got to practice good

manners until they come naturally that's

all there is to it

now what else fun you don't have to be

the witty guy who's popping off jokes

all the time or who's wild and crazy but

you should probably think about ways in

which you can be a fun guy if you really

want to know how to impress a girl it's

not so much what you do as your attitude

about things very important understand

that that's not the one as much as the

attitude and how you carry yourself

during those things now for instance you

might think that you may think about

being the type of guy who's gonna grab

around the walk home and just start

waltzing with her on the sidewalk

you know kind of improv dancing in the


or you might be the kind of guy who'll

pull off on the side of the road at the

last minute grab her hand and take her

on a spontaneous moonlight beach stroll

yeah I know this sounds like the corny

stuff that you read in these profiles

online but they work for women they

really do work now of course it has to

fit your personality but think about

ways that you can add a little fun into

your life this is also sometimes thought

of as spontaneity okay and it's

something she's programmed to look for

in a guy this is one of those secret

triggers she's actually programmed to

respond to what about respect here's a

big one now when you're looking at waste

on for how to impress a girl you might

think respect and manners go hand in

hand well in a way they do but they

deserve separate mentions having respect

really means listening really listening

and caring about a woman's wants and

needs it means always talking to her in

a way where you show you respect her

thoughts opinions and her ideas you

don't always have to agree with her in

fact it's actually healthy and it's

better for the relationship if you

disagree on a few things

it establishes you as the Alpha right

but you have to value her as a person

and take her wants needs and thoughts

into what's the C word consideration and

everything you do together it's a real

important thing and women do notice this

the consideration part is a big thing

that a lot of guys miss what else

what about thoughtful yep this will

really show you know how to impress a

girl do unexpected things every once in

a while to show that you're really

thinking about her women thrive on this

one because they're programmed to desire

attention and appreciation it's one of a

woman's fundamental needs absolutely

fundamental for instance do her favors

without asking if she's dreading having

to cut the grass this weekend surprise

her do it first send her text messages

during her workday every once in a while

to let her know that you're thinking

about her these thoughtful gestures that

you do are gonna mean a lot to her and

they're gonna be a great way to make a

lasting and positive impression now if

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