How To Dress To Impress A Woman

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hey you I'm celebrity monsura stylist

ashley Weston joined by my partner my


Dorian hello so first before we get into

anything I just want to say happy

Valentine's Day big day love you even if

you don't have a Valentine out there you

are our Valentine we really appreciate

all the support and love that you get we

chew chew chew choose you today all day

guys but today's video is very important

obviously for today but the best part

even though it says for women this also

works for men or the loved ones or the

people you're trying to impress in your

life but first we want to thank our

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now that we got that taken care of

ash today we're talking about the best

ways to dress to impress a woman okay so

the first thing to do is to keep it


so a go-to formula is kind of style

formula that I love that works amazingly

well on every man doesn't matter what

your body type is or how old you are is

a collared shirt a bomber jacket or

sport coat and a pair of dark wash great

fitting jeans pretty much with Dorian's

resolutely right now but it always looks

super sexy on every man very polished

but not too overdone it doesn't look too

young it doesn't look too old it's

perfect it's nice middle-of-the-road

depending on your age whether you're

wearing it as a young man you look nice

and sharp if you're wearing it as an


also nice and sharp that's the beauty of

it it's pretty much ageless and timeless

and it works and foolproof and it pretty

much works for us Ashlee said basically

every man you'll be a handsome devil oh

yeah and the second one is put effort I

mean it sounds relatively simple however

this is the thing I think a lot of men

out there yourself included maybe might

feel like if you put in any noticeable

effort it can somehow seem our women

will be turned off by it but it's the

opposite if you put zero effort in when

she's put all the effort into making

sure she looks great for you it's

actually quite insulting so it's

important that you care about yourself

and you make sure you're presentable

make sure it shows frankly that's kind

of the point when you're back we're

wrinkly clothes don't have unkempt hair

make sure you're smelling good you're

fresh you know all of that is very

attractive okay so the third point which

I have been talking about this since the

channel story couple years now fit is

key so your jacket your shirt especially

I think a lot of times with men when

they wear dress shirts it's very billowy

the fit is off make sure it's a trim fit

that even if you are a bigger guy you

still want it to be on the trim side not

tight but not super loose because that

will only accentuate your problem areas

and it'll make you look sloppy or

skinnier than you are but in a bad way

you know ash it's such a big point that

I would be remiss to not tell the

audience that there is a whole series of

articles and videos specifically about

how your clothing should fit we'll link

it below a lot of amazing stuff and the

next one which ash kind of touched on

just a little bit ago is presentation is

kind of everything so if you've got

wrinkled or dirty clothes women are

gonna see that and they're gonna be like

really this beautiful amazing outfit I

picked it out specifically for you and


have you who stains on your shirt yeah

just make sure head-to-toe you're

looking sharp

just do that please women will

absolutely appreciate it always put your

best foot forward and the last point is

something that's not really brought up a

lot because I mean it's about clothing

but then kind of not really about

clothing the most important thing is to

make sure whatever outfit that you wear

it feels very new and that you feel

great in it because when you feel great

you're gonna feel super confident and

women will notice that absolutely well

so yeah you can wear a collared shirt if

you want but if you really really really

really really don't think you look great

in it or you're not sure yeah yeah it's

not very you didn't that's okay you can

fudge it a little bit we're gonna color

shirt look best and probably yeah

especially if it's well but if you're

not comfortable with it it's gonna show

and your personnel you're gonna be

tugging on you and kind of like I'm not

too sure more than anything women will

pick up on that confidence and you

feeling good about yourself and it will

be reciprocated they will absolutely

acknowledge it and just like wow like

there's some times going on here I don't

understand what it is alright guys

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