Watch a Video On How to Determine if a Relation is a Function

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hello John Zimmerman with tabla class

comm here to help you out with functions

and relations so probably targeted at

those middle and high school students

and no I don't know pre-algebra algebra

1 algebra 2 and Beyond you're going to

be studying this topic of functions huge

topic in math and one of the initial

things that you have to do one of the

tasks that you have to be able to do is

determine whether a relation is a

function now you know I'm using terms

and you know names like relations and

functions and ah this is going to be a

short little video

you can't possibly you know I'm teach

you everything there if you need more

information on those topics you really

need to learn it come on a tablet class

comm which will get you squared away so

let's just focus in on the question to