Fox Snake Facts: A Color-Changing Snake?!

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neatness often overlooked in the reptile

world is the Western Fox make these make

excellent pet snakes because they're

great eaters

they're very docile even a wild one if

you pick up it'll might rattle its tail

at first but then wouldn't realize is

they're not going to hurt it it's puppy

dog came spring like instantly but not

many people teach these because breeders

are few and far between I'd like to show

you some different life stages of the

box snake because a really cool

attribute is that hatchlings are more of

a grayscale coloration

and as they age they turn from gray to

this beautiful brown color and they also

lose the head patterns up here and

instead of up a pattern it just becomes

a solid brown color - these are my last

year's babies I have three individuals