Ford Small Block Casting Number Identification and Location

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hey guys so today I had the small-block

Ford taking apart and I figured it'd be

a great time to show you guys how to ID

your block so let's hop on in and I'll

get to showing you how you can do that

whatever that is and then these numbers

right here give you a lot of information

so first you'll have a letter so in my

case I have a seat that stands for the

decade in which it was cast so B is 50 C

is 60s

D is 70s so on and so on

then the next digit you got is a number

that is the year of the decade so mine

is a 68 in 1968 302 and then you've got

another letter and that one there's a

whole bunch of letters that could be

you're gonna have to look it up in my

case this is from a Ford Torino it just

tells you the model of car that it was

intended to be put in now a lot of