How to Identify a Font from a Website

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today's video topic comes from a few of

the entrepreneur Facebook groups I'm in

and that's how to identify a font from a

website so you're on a website and you

see this font that you absolutely love

and you would really like to know what

it is well in today's video I'm going to

show you how to figure that out

if you meet here my name is Louise of

solopreneur sidekick comm and I put out

new videos every single week to help you

master the tech in your online business

so that you can work smarter and grow

faster so if that sounds good to you

make sure that you hit subscribe alright

let's get started so the way that you're

going to do this is with a Google Chrome

extension called what font so all you

need to do is head over to Google and

then type in what font chrome extension