How to identify a font from an image

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have you ever been on a website read a

magazine seen a business card a flyer a

poster that contains a font that you

think you might like to use in a project

as well

slight problem you don't know the name

of that font well today I'm gonna show

you a great app that you can install on

your smartphone that will allow you to

identify the names of fonts okay folks

so here's the app that I want to show

you today it's called what the font and

the first thing you're going to need is

a smartphone and it can be iOS or

Android it's covered by both you need to

install the app and then once you've

installed it fire up the app and you can

see here it's got a live camera mode

there's my hand and there are just three

icons across the bottom left-hand side

is access to your image library on your