How to Identify a Font from an Image! or Anywhere!

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the links for all these tools are going

to be in the descriptions but I'm going

to show you how to identify a font from

any website web page picture PDF

anywhere if you can see it on your

screen you can find out what it is and

here is a place if you want to you know

you're browsing through YouTube you see

a phone on someone's image here you can

just click on it and then mute that and

copy this right-click copy and then go

to Google Images and then paste it in

there hit enter and then you can find

the image right there boom so you can go

to it you can go to view image right

there just click on this right click

copy go over to the font identifier bio

fonts go to image URL right click paste

get URL and then you're going to have to

adjust the little bars here so we want

to move this one to the side right here