How to identify the resistor wattage (Both fixed & variable resistors) ✔

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hello viewers how are you welcome to

tech study cell in this video we will

see how to identify the wattage of the

resistor as you know the wattage is an

important specification of a register so

how to identify it the resistance can be

one foot word up what 1 watt to work 3

watt and above how to identify now for

one foot what the resistance or register

will look like this

again for half what it will look like

this slightly increased in size for one

word or two what this is and this is 40

watt as we can see that in one fourth

word the size is less but in half what

the size is greater than the one foot

one again the volume or size increased

in one word again in toward baalam and

size is increased again introvert also

the size is increased from the to watt

as the what is increase the size is also