How To Choose The Correct Size Of Road Bike Frame

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I've seen recently that we did a video

of Simon Richard and explaining how to

do a fairly basic bike fit but we know

that a lot of you're just getting into

cycling either buying your first bike or

upgrading to something slightly better

so how do you know what size frame to

buy it in the first place we're back

down at BW cycling to enlist the

expertise of Olli Beckinsale triple

Olympian and mountain bike professional

Olli thanks for joining us we've had a

few viewers asking I'm 6 foot 2 I'm 5

foot 2 what size frame should I get but

is it as simple as that how do you go

about choosing your first frame size yes

obviously buying that first kind of

serious road bike can be a daunting

prospect and I think it scares a lot of

people and it's not as simple as a

certain size equals in height because a