How to Identify Bird Feathers in the Field | KNOW #37

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This week on Koaw Nature

I’m going to show you

how to identify your feathers in the field

using two cool databases.

One of them being Feather Atlas.

Also let’s not get arrested.

That’ll be a good thing.

Let’s learn some things about feathers as well.

[ ♪ theme music ♪ ]

[ birds singing ]

We see these beautiful birds

around us all the time.

And sometimes they leave us little treasures

that make us wonder,

“Hmm…who did this belong to?”

Identifying feathers can be a tricky task

but I know you can do it,

even as a rookie feather identifier,

and have some fun along the way.

Hey everyone! I am Koaw.

And you may be wondering what happened to my set