Criminal Defense Attorney: How To Tell If There's a Warrant for Your Arrest

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how do I know if I have a warrant for my

arrest you would be amazed to know how

many people are walking around driving

on the road or otherwise going about

their busy lives who have warrants for

their arrest this means at any time of

day or night the police can come to

their home or job site or pull over

their car and take them into custody

first let's look at the two types of

warrants that courts issue the first one

is called a bench warrant it's called a

bench warrant because it's issued from

the judges bench when he's doing roll

call in court and you were supposed to

appear at your traffic arraignment or

any other criminal proceeding and you're

not there the judge will issue a bench

warrant for your arrest it can go on

your criminal background and/or DMV

record as an FTA or failure to appear