How to Spot Fake Tissot Watch

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what's up youtubers today in this video

I'll be doing a how to spot fake he's

hot what this is a very big brand but

whoever knows about this watch and out

runs a lot of all known expensive

branding watch as well now I will show

you few ways to actually find out the

difference between the original and the

fake one of this okay Oslo low P would

already have this watch but for those

you can see by the way it's laid out

okay expensive words like this will come

in a luxury box with manual with a

locavore accessories that come to valve

oh this one just came in a plastic

package not no more than about nothing

real or no even the low bony okay over

the name of it so you can see that how

the quality of this is and how cheap if

okay the biggest was the pricing as well

now let me start off with the actual