SanDisk Ultra 128GB Micro SD Card Real vs Fake

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what's up guys didn't else here without

the old man's today in this video this

video is consumer protection type of

thing or report end up buying a little

while ago my GoPro camera and as you

know with the GoPro you have to get this

little tiny cards come on buddy

come on you can do it there you go this

little SD cards or micro SD cards micro

SD cards yes in order for this thing to

do this is GoPro Hero 6 black edition or

whatever it is I don't really care about

that but it requires this to put a

little card anyways so I'm not buying

three of those cards or two of those

cards sorry

two of those guards on a flea bait there

are three things I don't buy on a flea

bottom blind designer glasses I don't

buy designer shoes and I don't buy

electronics because most of the time