How to Identify a Fake Samsung Micro SD Memory Card

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one of these things is not like the

other in this video I'm gonna show you

how to determine which one of these

memory cards is fake and which one of

them is real so you don't get juked it's

tech wiz time so recently I started

buying the lineup of Samsung microSD

cards and I came across a little bit of

a problem one of the memory cards that

I've got looked a little bit off and I

thought to myself hang on a second I

think this one's a fake so I did a

little bit of research and I figured out

how to tell which one is a fake and

which one is real now these two memory

cards are from two different lines

meaning they've got different speed

ratings and so forth but essentially

they are from the same manufacturer and

they should be fairly similar in how

they look and appear now I'm gonna tell