Scary-real fake IDs could fool police

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high-quality counterfeit IDs from China

are taking the US by storm it hit us out

of nowhere fake IDs so authentic you can

see the British Columbia hologram

they're baffling law enforcement and

cheating the system when you saw some of

these IDs as a cop what were you saying

to you so they were amazing they were a

lot different than the false IDs that we

used to come across as early patrolman

investigator john barney is talking

about these counterfeit IDs 14 driver's

licenses that were recently seized in

upstate New York to me when I looked at

them I couldn't tell the real ID from

the fake ID I mean they were they were

they were just exact replicas District

Attorney James Murphy says law

enforcement had never seen anything like

it I mean these IDs are the quality that