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Spotlight on: Omega Watches. How to spot a  fake, and recognize an original Omega watch.

Omega is one of the most popular and  coveted brands in the watch industry.  

Well loved for its exceptional  craftsmanship, advanced mechanisms,  

and illustrious heritage, just about any  watch collector wants an Omega watch.

This popularity comes with a drawback,  however. The great demand for Omega  

watches also means they are a  favorite among counterfeiters.  

It’s always best to have your Omega  watch checked at authorized dealers,  

but there are elements you can look  for to avoid buying a fake Omega.  

In the market for an Omega watch? Here’s what to  look at, to ensure you're getting an original:

As sophisticated as some counterfeiters  may be, they still make mistakes. Check for  

any errors on the watch, such as spelling and  engraving mistakes, which are quick giveaways.

Check the design of your desired  Omega watch. In some cases,  

the Omega logo is a piece of metal attached on the  dial, in some cases it is painted on the dial.  

The hands and markers of Omega watches  are equipped with reflective material,  

for better legibility. Try inspecting the  watch in the dark for about 15 minutes.  

A replica may still have lume, but it will  not be as bright as an original Omega watch.  

Inspect the date complication. Check that the  date window is aligned to the center of the dial,  

and that the numbers are stamped perfectly.

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Aside from the dial, Omega watches also  have distinguishing features on the rest