How To Tell A Fake Hydro Flask From a Real One

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it can be extremely difficult to tell

the difference between a real hydrofloss

and a fake hydrofloss but there's

actually 12 ways that you can do it

which I'm going to share in this video

but first have a look at these and see

if you can tell which ones are real and

which ones are fake pause the video if

you need to and have a guess and then

I'll reveal it to you on the left these

three hydrofloss are real and on the

right those two hydrofloss the 2-tone

ones are fake how do I know these are

real well actually purchase these from a

hydrofloss directly and I'll link up to

hydrofloss comm in the description down

below if you want to get an authentic

one yourself and that's my affiliate

link and these two over here I purchased

from eBay and I know that they're fake

because hydrofloss never made these