How to spot FAKE ID'S - Microprint

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kind of both Luke here and today we're

going to be looking at a security

feature on IDs and a lot of times when

people check for fraudulent or fake IDs

and check it for the hologram or they're

checking for a ghost picture but today

we're just going to be focusing on

something called micro print so the

naked eye

Micro printing on an ID and/or driver's

license will look like either a straight

line or it'll look like lines that are

in some kind of shape printed either on

the front or the back of the ID so for

example we have three IDs over here two

of them are real and one of them is a

fake and so let's start let's start with

this real ID so we have this lady's ID

and the micro print on a washington

driver's license or ID it's going to be