5 Steps to Recognize Fake Facebook Accounts

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In this video, you’ll learn how to recognize the warning signs of a fake Facebook account.

There are always people who are trying to scam or steal personal information.

Use this video as a resource to help you spot the warning signs of these fake accounts.

Our 5 steps to catching a fake facebook account are:

Photos, Friends,

Posts, Messages,


Step 1 is Photos.

Look at the profile picture of the account in question.

Does it look genuine or does it look like someone got the picture from an online magazine?

Click the photos section on their account and see what kind of photos they have been

tagged in or posted.

Do the photos fit together or all they all random?

Accounts can make their photos private, but you will still be able to see their profile

picture and cover photo.

You can usually get a pretty good idea about the account with these two images alone.

Step 2 is Friends.

How many friends do they have?

Do you have any friends in common?

My personal rule is if we don’t have any friends in common and they don’t have at

least a couple hundred friends I won’t accept them, even if they do look like a real person.