How to Diagnose Truck Drive Shaft Problems - Vibrations and Noise

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in today's video we're going to go over

some places that you can check for

issues on your rear driveshaft of your

vehicle alright so one of the first

things I always like to do is just try

to talk about maybe some of the simpler

things that we should check first before

we get into something more complicated

such as the driveline itself of course

if you were to jack up the vehicle and

have it in neutral you could potentially

spin those wheels you want to make sure

that none of the wheels are frozen you

can't turn it at all

if your brakes teased up you're gonna

have an issue it's gonna overheat it's

gonna cause vibration and you might

think it's something different when

really it's something as basic as the

brakes another thing we can look at it's

right here