PUPPY BREEDS 101 - Learn Different Breeds of Puppies | Breeds of Dogs

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Puppy Breeds 101.

Let's learn about different puppy breeds.

Here are pug puppies.

Pugs are small dogs with a wrinkly face.

They are ancient dogs which originate from China.

Pugs like to show off and they have a great sense of humour.

That's why they are called the clowns of the dog world.

They are playful, cheerful and courageous dogs.

Pugs are not very quick.

They have a very adaptable personality and they make great companions.

Here is a German Shepherd Puppy.

The German Shepherd is a large-sized dog breed with a double coat which helps keep them warm.

They belong to the group of working dogs.

German Shepherd Dogs are friendly, protective and strong.

They can do almost anything they are trained to do.

German Shepherds need an active lifestyle.

They are great pets as an ideal companion and protector.

Here are Pomeranian puppies.

Pomeranians originate from Pomerania, a region in Northern Europe on the coast of Baltic


Pomeranians are among the cutest dog breeds.