Identifying Dodge Cummins Automatic Transmissions | Power Driven Diesel

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okay guys I just got out of surgery we

have this big fat bandage on my forehead

it's about ready to use in spring a leak

but we love transmissions so much we're

gonna bring this video to you to help

you identify what the heck you have in

your truck over here I have a 48 re

transmission this is the most popular

transmission every guy got a 48 swap my

truck but what is a 48 re there are 2003

through 2007 dodge cummins

automatic transmission they're based off

of some older models like this 47 RH in

between there's a 47 re so today we're

just gonna tell you a little bit about

the differences on these so you can

identify them maybe you're in a junkyard

pickin and you want to build a figure it

out maybe you've got one and you want to

know what the heck you have on your

truck here's a quick way to tell let's