CORPORATE VIDEO- Dealing with an Angry Customer Training

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morning sir how can I help you today you

know what I'm a little annoyed I keep

coming in here and you guys keep

screwing up now I've had about enough

and I'm taking my business somewhere


sure I can tell you you're really

frustrating and I sincerely like to help

you can tell me what the problem is you

know what the problem is

I bought this drill two weeks ago I go

home to use it it doesn't work I bring

it back and you guys give me this it

doesn't work as well now I've spent a

lot of time and money driving back and

forth just to have you guys screw up

over and over and I've had it I want my

money back okay sir

so I just want to make sure that I

understand you purchased a drill from us

and you took it home you found out it