Ep168: Hickory Trees - Shagbark vs Mockernut

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well hello everybody welcome to red

tool-house on our YouTube channel we

talk about all things homesteading and

try to implement some of those things on

our rural 100 acres here in southern

West Virginia well today's video I want

to talk about trees again and we've

talked about quite a few different

species of trees so we'll kind of add

this to the list but today I want to

talk about the mocker nut Hickory or and

the shagbark hickory and yes it was this

is something I staged that I want to

make sure both of these trees would be

in the shot a lot of work went into

setting this up the first tree is the

mocker nut Hickory the common names are

mocker nut white Hickory White Hart

Hickory bull nuts and pignut do whatever

you want with us

this tree is obviously in the chicory