How to Tell if a Snake is Venomous or Not

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my name is michael Fulghum I am the

wildlife interpretive specialist here at

the Go Fish Education Center in Perry

Georgia this is part of the Georgia

Department of Natural Resources

Fisheries division and we're here today

we're going to give you a tip on some

things you might have in the state of

Georgia and one of the things is snakes

Georgia has 40-plus species of snakes in

the state of Georgia and of them only

six or venomous and most people when

they're in the yard they're outside they

may see snake skin now I want you to

know I'm saying snake skin not an actual

snake please do not pick up wildlife

especially snakes or any other type of

Wildlife leave the wildlife wild now if

you find snake skin

just snake skin there are several

different things you can use to tell